What is the role of a capacitor in an electrical circuit?

You may have heard of an electronic component called a capacitor. Since the beginning of  Emergency Electrician Dubai, an incredible number of difficulties have had to be faced. It was mainly necessary to stabilize low power currents, this is precisely the role of the capacitor in an electrical circuit.

Nowadays in all electronic circuits, capacitors are everywhere. For example, it is found in your personal computer, your television, or your household appliances. The most common are cylindrical. They equip with two metal legs for connection. There are also miniature capacitors of square or rectangular shape installed on an electronic board.

What is an electric capacitor use for?

Emergency Electrician Dubai, the role of the capacitor is varied. Initially, its uses to stabilize power supplies. As it can store energy over a certain period, then restore it, it will allow fluctuations in a power supply to be smoothed out.

A stable power supply: thanks to the capacitor

Let’s quickly talk about power supplies in electronic circuits. For chips such as microprocessors or memory functions, it is essential to have precise and stable power supplies.

It is necessary to be able to generate a 3.3 V power supply which only varies by a 0.1-volt maximum. It is also common to need a 5 V or 12 V power supply.

All these power supplies and their precision are only attainable by the quality and reliability of the capacitors which are integrated into the electronic circuits. The role of the capacitor is essential in an electrical circuit that requires great precision.

They are find everywhere, they are even present in your electric radiators, especially in radiant panel radiators.

The other functions of an electric capacitor

Among the other roles of an Emergency Electrician Dubai, there is also a notion of signal filtering. For example, to transmit an audio or video signal, it must be free of interference. Otherwise, the speaker will crackle or you may hear hissing. In the case of video, there would be image disturbances. Artifacts would appear that would distort the original image.

Many other signals need to filter, such as the ADSL network, Bluetooth and Wifi transmissions, and even your GSM network.

In all these cases, it is the use of capacitors, and their absorption properties, which make it possible to filter the signal. A filtered signal will contain only the necessary information. The receiver is then able to identify this information and will not disturb by interference.

All this makes it possible to increase the quality of the transmission as well as the flow rates of the connections.

A capacitor for starting

In some specific cases of devices that require a high current at start-up, capacitors use. An Electrical Services in Dubai motor consumes a strong current at the moment of its start. For a few milliseconds, it will need much more energy than that necessary for its continuous operation.

Moreover, if you look at the fuses that protect the circuits that supply its motors, you will see that these are specific fuses (noted aM), design to withstand more current.

To provide this power, capacitors are use. It is then a question of charging a capacitor battery than using all this stored energy to discharge it in a very short time and allow the ignition of the engine.

You might encounter this type of operation on a washing machine or dryer.

Can you recognize a faulty capacitor?

When we have some notions of the operation of electric and electronic circuits, it happens that we wonder about the operation of the capacitor. In the event of a breakdown, all possible options must consider.

Unfortunately, apart from cylindrical capacitors, the eye can’t recognize a faulty capacitor. The cylindrical capacitors that you will find on the motherboard of your computer age badly. Over time, the chemical reaction inside tends to cause the capacitor to swell and thus bring it closer to its breaking point.

You can recognize the minus by the white stripe on the side of the capacitor. The plus is on the opposite side of the capacitor. It identifies by the screen-printed “+” sign.

If you look at the upper part of the condenser, you will see there are a kind of notches that allows this one to open in the event of too strong pressure and to avoid a small explosion. This is how you will recognize an aging capacitor. This inflates on the upper and metallic part of its surface.

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