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What To Expect From A Virtual Treatment For Addiction

Addiction treatment is important for people with substance use disorders, but only a small number of those who need it get it. A lack of nearby providers or facilities and the inability to leave the house due to family or work obligations are two common barriers to in-person treatment.

Fortunately, research has shown that telehealth treatment works just as well to keep patients in the program and make them happy with it. Virtual appointments are favored by many patients due to their ease of attendance and flexible scheduling options. According to one survey, the majority of patients enrolled in a telehealth outpatient treatment program for substance use disorders were either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the quality of care they received.

Virtual Addiction Treatment with the New Change Life Foundation

Between 2017 and 2020, almost 30% more substance abuse treatment facilities will begin offering telehealth services. It is an honor for Nasha Mukti Kendra in Ludhiana to be a provider of comprehensive virtual addiction treatment programs. What you can anticipate from our virtual programs is listed below.

At New Change Life Foundation, our medical assessments and treatment programs focus on more than just your physical health. We tailor each program to meet your specific requirements and objectives, drawing on science and evidence-based care for our individualized treatments. Your program may include diagnosis and treatment for any co-occurring disorders, holistic treatments, services for traumatized families, or both.

The path that each person takes to develop a substance use disorder is unique, and individualized treatment that is effective takes this into account. We will assist you in completing a comprehensive assessment to better understand your circumstances, challenges, stressors, and support needs. You will receive the same level of engagement and support as you would in any of our facilities because sessions are interactive and take place in real-time.

Our virtual alcohol treatment and substance use disorder program at Nasha Mukti Kendra in Panipat is for people who want a solution that is easier to get to and more convenient, like people who can’t travel because of family obligations or other constraints.

Adaptive Treatment Plan

We are aware of how difficult it can be to maintain a regular treatment schedule while also dealing with other obligations like family, work, or school. To assist you in maintaining your commitment to recovery, we designed our virtual program around an adaptable strategy. Slots in the program are available in the morning, afternoon, and evening, and our caring professionals will collaborate with you to develop the ideal recovery timeline.

The length of the program depends on your needs, as well as any co-occurring disorders that might affect your addiction or recovery.

Support and Resources for Alumni

Virtual treatment does not necessarily mean that patients will be deprived of the robust recovery network that is built through group sessions and inpatient care. Access to recovery groups and regular alumni meetings via video conferences or phone calls are part of the Rehabilitation Centre in Jammu Kashmir, which allows graduates of the program to connect with one another. You can benefit from connecting with program alumni and staff:

Improve your ability to adjust to life after treatment by utilizing these resources, which are especially beneficial for those who are enrolled in a virtual treatment plan because they allow you to strike a balance between convenient attendance times and the formation of relationships that will last a lifetime. These resources also provide inspiration and insight from the experiences of others. 

Our programs for substance use disorders also include resources for rehabilitation aftercare, which begins when you finish your treatment plan and is designed to help you keep up your progress and seek additional support if necessary.

Medication If Needed

Knowing when you need medication assistance is an important part of providing comprehensive, evidence-based care. Although not all patients will require medication, many consider it essential to their recovery.

A non-addictive medication plan that supports your short-term and long-term recovery objectives are developed with you by our team. A medication plan designed with care can either manage the underlying conditions that contribute to your addiction or help alleviate cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Experts in Addiction 

Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab knows what it means to provide high-quality care after helping more than one million graduates complete our treatment programs. Each member of our team is carefully selected based on their qualifications, experience, compassion for our cause, and credentials. Many of our addiction specialists have experienced recovery for themselves and are familiar with the patient’s perspective.

Get Addiction Treatment in the Convenience of Your Own Home

You can get addiction treatment from the comfort of your own home. Having a substance use disorder can prevent you from being your best self. Treatment for addiction can assist you in overcoming challenges, determining the source of your addiction, and locating a place of healing and tranquility.

The Nasha Mukti Kendra in Amritsar is here to assist you in obtaining the support you require, whether you are looking for more intensive inpatient or convenient virtual assistance from the convenience of your own home. Don’t let addiction keep you down for another day. Contact us right away to learn more about your treatment and recovery options.

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