Video is spreading all over social media platforms.

And Instagram is no different.

In reality, the average user on the ‘gram now invests over twice their time streaming videos on the app.

This may not sound like big news, but considering the reputation of Instagram as an image-centric network, it’s surprising.

As video sites such as TikTok and YouTube tend to boom, the demand of users for video content is booming.

More and more corporations are using different video solutions from Instagram to broaden their identity and as a response, they penetrate much wider audiences. It is no longer enough to merely share photographs of your goods. If you can not use videos, you will discover that for those who have taken the time to concentrate on segmenting their content strategy, your brand would be missed.

Here are a few ideas to help you optimize the use of video tools from Instagram that will help get your marketing plan set on the right road.

  • Instagram’s video formats are fair game for any brand

First and foremost: when it comes to layout, Instagram offers marketers a lot of versatility. The in-feed video (up to 60 seconds in length) of the application fits everything from advertisements to videos for bite-sized items. The original video design of Instagram suits the needs of most marketers’ right there, provided that 73 percent of business-related videos are far less than 2 minutes long.

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Source: SproutSocial

  • Feed Instagram Videos

    Since 2013, regular Instagram videos have indeed been usable in the Instagram list. When scrolling through your feed or exploring the explore page, you’ll see them pop up often. 

    To post their more polished and designed-out Instagram posts, most brands use feed posts.

    It is possible for these videos to be longitudinal, square, or horizontal.

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  • Instagram video stories

    To contend with Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories was released in 2016. These fragments of vertical footage seem to be messier around the margins than live streams. To highlight their Instagram followers, the more intimate side of their brand, several brands use Instagram Stories to attract the audience.

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    Source: Oberlo

     Make the initial seconds count

    Instagram users easily swipe through their updates, but advertisers need to make video advertisements that get users to pause, whether it’s a normal Instagram video ad or an Instagram story ad. Make sure that with the audio off, the first frame of your video has ample action, that help audiences instantly realize that it’s a video.

     Add Text

    By giving something besides captions, you will draw their interest and get your point across more efficiently. Using applications such as Apple Clips, generate immersive text effects to illustrate important facts you wouldn’t want an audience to skip.

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Source: Chatbooks

Look Less like an Ad

For the greatest reception, video adverts can fit seamlessly into Instagram streams and not be excessively self-promotional. Marketers should make sure their video advertisements organically fit into streams. You want to catch their interest as consumers click through their feeds. Sharing video content that adds relevance to the audience is most likely to gain interaction.

Use visual consistency

Additionally, by promoting advertising that is consistent with the commercial, advertisers can keep the momentum running.

This entails the patterns, video composition, and music involved in the product commercial. Each small aspect has a major influence on the whole of the video. If the video message does not adhere to the brand value, it will turn out to be inauthentic and consumers will skip on by it.

 Add a clear Call To Action

Your call-to-action can still be condensed as far as possible. Instead of taking them to a home page from your ad, attempt to add the ‘learn more’ into your video ad and integrate your whole message inside the video advertising. Instead of having to go hunting for your call to action, this would allow curious people to read more about your website.

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Source – Wordstream

 Make Loopable Videos

Creating a video ad with a loop ability in view, with slide-out video and music in the opening sequence and podcast, has tested more successfully.

The more you spend on your video ad, thus the more likely it is that the ad and your company can make an effect.

  • Live Instagram Videos

Instagram Live allows you to telecast to your fans a live video stream.

This is a great way to connect in real-time with the customers in an attempt to improve client connections.

Instagram Live videos are always random and uncut, like Instagram Posts. As a consequence, most people would not expect a video from Instagram Live to be as professional or as refined as a video from Broadcast.

  • IGTV Videos

IGTV is a relatively modern video layout for Instagram that was introduced in 2018 in an attempt to satisfy the rising demands of the audience of video content.

You can view the content from the Instagram app or a special IGTV app.

IGTV is now in the initial stages of mainstream acceptance, but it is probable that as more Instagram users begin using the tool, IGTV will continue to expand.


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Source: Oberlo

Bottom Line

Video marketing on Instagram is an efficient way to meet your target market and expand your brand.

Yet, standing out of the crowd can be a tough task. 

In order to do so, you need to post persuasive Instagram videos regularly that involve and entertain your target audience.

Entertain your fans and encourage them, educate them, promote your goods, and reach your audiences personally with questions and polls.

Don’t hesitate to go on an adventure!

You’ll almost definitely put more time and energy forward as you love making content and engaging with your viewers. Plus, you will establish more real and honest relationships with clients.

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