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Which is more Convenient to Buy Tiles: online/store?

Online shopping is quite convenient, especially when you can do it from comfort and privacy. But on the other side, going to retailers and showrooms to see the product in person can offer you more confidence in your choices. Seeing the items in person can help you figure out what you want and how to visualize the space. Some people, unfortunately, may be unable to attend the showroom, especially at these unplanned times. 

So, what’s the greatest way to update your tile? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages to think about when determining where to buy tiles for your home improvement projects.

Breakage is possible during delivery:

Online Tile Store:

If you buy tile online, you may or may not be aware of the brand or delivery system chosen by the supplier. The product may break if it is too heavy to bring in containers. If there are not sufficient wrapping components in the carton with or between the tiles, something similar can happen. This is where customer reviews are vital. 

Check the firm’s reviews to determine if there is a record of broken tiles delivering when ordering online. You can also examine if the tiles come with assurance or warranty in case they break during delivery.

Physical Store:

When you buy supplies in person, you are responsible for properly carrying them. On the other side, the retailer can send them to the approved operator to fix them for you. When tiles are supplied with a contractor, they are usually covered by insurance and can be exchanged if something goes wrong during delivery or installation. If you’re transporting them alone, you’ll need a lot of packing stuff and perhaps an additional pair of hands to help load and unload it carefully.

Variation in real-life products from the internet:


When ordering things via an online tile store in USA, it’s possible that you won’t get exactly what you desire. For example, the pattern of veining in a ceramic tile designed to seem like granite may appear artificial in reality, but look terrific in photographs. While you’re buying something online, you’ll need to rely on reviews once again. 

Use keywords like “poor” or “weird-looking” to find reviews that address your issues. People frequently share pictures of how the finalized tile appears in their house renovation project, which can be a useful resource.


When you purchase the best black marble tile from a store, you often obtain exactly what you see. But if you’re just seen a sample with the remainder of the tile that will be installed later. You’ll have to see and handle the actual tile before deciding to buy it. Even if you’re only looking at a preview, being ready to hold the tile in real allows you to make your personal decisions about whether it’s the right color, pattern, and design for your needs. You can often take a sample home to check how tile suits the tone and lighting in your house.

How is the tile arranged?


When purchasing from an online tile store, there is some risk associated with the actual size of the tile. In this situation, ratings are your most useful resource again. Regardless of the specifications provided on the internet, there will be a small amount of variation in the exact size of the tile. This isn’t a big deal if you’re just going to have only several mm of cement between each tile. But it can be a pain while dealing with micro tile patterns or trying to get tiles to perfectly fit together securely.

Whether you’re buying something online, read the reviews to see if anyone has complained about sizing issues. When purchasing tiles that are less than three inches in any dimension, try purchasing an extra set in case the give or take results in more room than you expected.


You may observe and measure personally for any differences in stated sizes when visiting physical shop spots like a Nesttile. You can examine the dimensions and arrange several tiles to see how they fit nicely. This is very useful for creating a mosaic or other layouts with different designs of tile. 

Whether you’re designing a layout, see if the flooring expert has a demo sample with your layout. If you’re not clear which design you prefer, you can also visit the store. The store will contain display areas with examples of tiles in a genuine setting so that you can get a sense of how they appear.

Discrepancies in listed sizes and patterns:


While you shop from an online tile store, you don’t have to think about whether it is available right away. There are countless tile patterns, colors, sizes, and textures selected. You can obtain several creative design ideas by looking at which contrast tiles different people already use in their designs on the internet. Finding review sites displaying styles that others have done and including references to where they acquired the tiles is a fantastic method to locate working combos when using it.


At a tile store like, you’ll find various typical types and designs. While it’s clear that physical retailers are more likely to stock the more usual and trendy patterns. Their collection is restricted to what’s in stock at the time. If you want to explore the tiles in real, go to a few different stores in your region.

Some stores sell a vast range of textures and designs, but there isn’t always much diversity within those products. Other stores may focus on one or two products, like marble or quartz, and provide a wide range of design and color options within those products.

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It’s entirely up to you to decide how you want to purchase your tile. Both strategies have their own set of pros and cons. The goal is to determine which purchasing option is most advantageous for your scenario and proceed with caution. Take your time to examine cost, reliability, and services, either you’re shopping in-store or from an online tile store.





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