Why Certified Scrum Product Owner is worth it

A Certified Scrum Product Owner’s role is very integral to a project’s success or failure. He has to uphold and maintain a certain product vision in a Scrum team and ensure that the rest of the Scrum team understands it. He has to incorporate within that product vision all the expectations of the customers and the stakeholders. Thus it is a very important and prestigious position. Not surprisingly, many individuals are trying to get certified Scrum Product Owner online training nowadays. Let us look at a few reasons why it is worth it to do so.

Why the Certified Scrum Product Owner certification is worth it –

  1. One will have to manage the entire Product backlog –

A Scrum team works in a very tight environment with close collaboration with each other. That said, their communication tends to be very rigid and fixed. As a result of this, the Scrum Product Owner isn’t required to communicate with the Scrum Master that often. He only does it when it is absolutely necessary. This is why it is very important for the Product Backlog to be very clear, well defined, and well thought out. This way the software development team can work with a clear to-do list and remain effective and focused on clear-cut goals. The responsibility of creating the Product Backlog and updating it as the project progresses falls upon the Scrum Product Owner. This skill can be learned easily if one undergoes CSPO certification training from a reputable online educational provider.

  1. One will have to set priorities on the items in the Product backlog –

The way a Scrum team handles projects is that they break a large project down into small steps and tasks. This way the project becomes manageable as the Scrum team can focus on one task at a time. It keeps them from becoming overwhelmed. This helps the Scrum team understand which tasks they have to work on first and which tasks hold the most importance and thus require the most focus. If a Scum product owner does his job properly, his skill and competence quickly becomes evident and he gains recognition and appreciation for it.

  1. One will be able to have a good vantage point of the Scrum team –

The functioning of a Scrum team quickly become very complex, especially if the software development project which it is working on is very large, as is often the case. The members have to complete project objectives one by one. Then the Scrum product owner has to quickly assess the state of the project and assign them new project objectives. If the Scrum product owner is not skilled and competent, the entire Scrum team can become directionless and confused. So he should always work to make sure that he has a comprehensive and lofty vantage point of the whole team. He also has to ensure that the final product vision is very clear in his mind and that everyone in the team understands it. So a successful Scrum product owner will be able to guide the entire team in a sense.

  1. A CSPO certification can help one overcome a poor educational background –

Most job vacancies in businesses and organizations nowadays list several different qualifications in their requirements. These may be related to school, college, degrees, and post graduate studies. But in the case of a Scrum product owner, one only needs to take Certified Scrum Product Owner online training in order to become eligible for the job. They can simply take CSPO certification training and thereby equip themselves with all the skills and knowledge which a Scrum product owner requires. This is a very big reason why getting the CSPO certification is worth it.

  1. By getting CSPO certification training online you will be taught like a beginner –

Most of the job vacancies in the various businesses and organizations around the world list requirements related to skills, educational qualifications, and experience. It is difficult to find a job vacancy which does not require a candidate to be a complete veteran of his field and to be a seasoned professional. So one might suffer from anxiety and lose confidence when trying to find a job for the first time. But if one takes a CSPO certification training online he will get instructors who will keep in mind the fact that he is a beginner and teach him accordingly. They will teach him all the core concepts of the Scrum methodology patiently and gently. He will also learn all the minutiae of the Agile manifesto.

  1. One will open the door to lucrative and high salaried jobs in leading companies –

The Agile methodology has spread like wildfire around the world. Most software development companies have adopted it for all of their new projects and are busy migrating their legacy projects to operate according to it. Even companies who are not directly related to software development but have an IT component have chosen to adopt it. Thus, there is a major need in many companies for skilled and competent Scrum teams. Who can teach their employees on how to follow Scrum principles and guidelines and give them training on that subject matter. Due to the low supply and high demand of skilled Scrum product owners. Companies are willing to pay very high salaries to them and are also willing to place them in senior management positions. One can easily see from this reason why it is worth it to get a CSPO certification.

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  1. One will interact with the customers directly and be the face of the Scrum team –

They have to carry out tasks and hold responsibilities related to software development only. The one exception to this norm is the Scrum product owner. His responsibilities include interacting with the customers and stakeholders of a particular project. He has to represent their interests and expectations on the Scrum team and present them properly and clearly to the rest of the Scrum team. This puts him in a position where he becomes the face of the Scrum team effectively. At least to the customers and the stakeholders. This is a very advantageous position as he can gain a lot of contacts and encounter a lot of networking opportunities this way.


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