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Why it’s Important to See an Orthodontist

You’re probably in the habit of brushing your teeth twice a day. Hopefully, you also rinse and floss regularly. How good are you at keeping up with your dentist appointments? They’re not something most people consider fun, but they are crucial. There are many reasons why it’s important to see an orthodontist.

7 Ways Orthodontists Can Help You

What is an orthodontist? They’re more than just dentists. They’re dental professionals who take care of patients that have crowded mouths and crooked teeth. Orthodontic treatment can start as early as the age of 7, and orthodontists use a variety of treatment options, including braces and aligners. There are many reasons why you should use an orthodontist:

  1. They can address big gaps between teeth and misaligned jaws.
  2. Orthodontists can help you manage your dental phobias.
  3. They can correct underbite and overbite.
  4. Orthodontists can manage crowded teeth that might trigger decay.
  5. They can straighten crooked teeth using Invisalign.
  6. You can free yourself from broken, crowded, or crooked teeth.
  7. Orthodontists have industry-leading treatment and technology.

Health and Beauty

Whether you’re looking for the best orthodontist NYC has to offer or anywhere else in the country, you should look for an orthodontist that offers you and your family many different things. The primary focus should be the physical oral health of your teeth, gums, and mouth, but there are more things than that to consider. Other potential factors include beauty, professionalism, and availability.

There was a time when many in the dental profession simply focused on the physical side of oral health, and things like teeth straightening or whitening might have been considered optional. That’s not the case anymore. In an age where everyone has a smartphone and pictures are taken all the time, having a great smile is as important as ever.

Feeling confident in your smile isn’t just a matter of looking better. It’s important to have self-esteem and be sociable, both in professional life and personal matters. This proves to be valuable in maintaining great mental health, too.

The right orthodontist is going to have a professional staff that treats you like an individual with a custom treatment plan instead of just rushing you through like just another patient. They’ll also have multiple locations that are convenient to where you work and live, and they might even have evening or weekend hours to suit your demanding lifestyle.

Picking an Orthodontist

Forbes notes that options such as Invisalign can be great for correcting the structure of someone’s mouth, but you still need an orthodontist to administer the treatment. How do you choose one? There are at least eight factors to consider:

  1. Availability for Consultations: Paying hefty fees for consultations can eat up your budget before you even find the right orthodontist.
  2. Convenience: Orthodontic treatment schedules can often involve more visits than just semiannual cleanings.
  3. Education and Experience: Ideally, you’d find someone with a great combination of both.
  4. Family-Friendly: The right orthodontist office should be able to treat kids and entire families if need be.
  5. Office Environment: Look for a place that prioritizes cleanliness and comfort without overbooking.
  6. Orthodontist Reputation: Reviews and ratings from other patients can help you find out who is right for your family.
  7. Treatment Costs: Even with insurance, treatment costs can be a lot to deal with.
  8. Variety of Treatments: Having a broad spectrum of treatment options means you have great choices to pick from.

You can find out a lot of information about area orthodontists online, but you can also always ask family and friends for referrals for anyone you know they have used. That can be very insightful into who might work out well for you.


Seeing an orthodontist regularly is hopefully something your parents arranged for you in your childhood. The younger years in life are when people usually form dental care habits that last them a lifetime. Still, oral hygiene needs professional help several times a year, so keep seeing your orthodontist on top of anything you do yourself.

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