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Why Power BI is the Must Needed Tool For Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence is a comprehensive element in an organization. It depends on a lot of factors and isn’t something you get overnight. While the results of this you might get in a short amount of time and this might help you achieve all that you want, but the series of challenges that one has to go through doesn’t seem to end.


Investing in Data Capabilities

For most of the businesses, business intelligence might sound like a scary term. And this is because there are a lot of detailed level processes involved. Businesses are already scared of data analytics and other data management tasks because they think it requires tons of investment and other resources. However, this is not the case.

But, investment and resource being one of the biggest reasons, there are chances that you will find only a handful of businesses embracing business intelligence. But, the very fact that technology is easily accessible in the market is now known by many.

This is also because whenever a new technology comes into the picture, tech giants are the ones to harness it. Companies like Amazon, Walmart etc, would be the first ones to make use of advanced and cutting edge technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and more.

This creates a series of experiences that customers purchasing from these companies actually enjoy. However, when it comes to small businesses, most miss out on the opportunities in the market. A lot of these are under an assumption that since big companies have heavy investments on them, they can make full use of these upcoming technologies. On the other hand, organizations with budget constraints can barely dare to invest in data warehousing services capabilities.

However, this is the point where all the difference is created. In other words, organizations need to look out of the box and not view data analytics as something that is constrained to heavy investment and large resources. If organizations truly want to make full use of their capabilities, they will have to go out of the way to explore low cost tools and technologies that have the potential to create all the difference.

Once data management capabilities in businesses are embraced, they will move onto a higher level planning incorporating analytics and ultimately intelligence. This is where business intelligence plays a huge role. In other words, business intelligence is that entity that helps an organization streamline their data flow and use it for actionable insights. After all, the value of data is only when organizations use it for their benefits.


What is Power BI?

For organizations new to the world of data analytics and data management pipelines, Power BI might seem like a new world. However, those already leveraging business analytics for intelligence, know how Power BI can create all the difference in the world.

While it is more than just a business intelligence tool, Power BI is much less expensive than its counterparts. Moreover, if your business ecosystem is based on Microsoft, it is something you must definitely have.

Power BI is available both on the desktop as well as a cloud based service. While in the desktop mode you can extract and transform on the data to produce reports, you can share reports and dashboard and then perform calculations on them via the cloud service.

But nevertheless, it is an inexpensive tool that gives your business unprecedented advantages. You can download it for free from the rWindows 10 Office Store. Similarly, if you are using the cloud service, you can choose between the free version and the paid or pro version of services. SImilarly, if your organization is a fairly large one, you can use Power BI Premium as well.

In another instance, power BI mobile is yet another application that allows you to check out the visualizations and reports from the dashboards on your mobile phone.


Dashboards and Row-Level Security

While you might have been using Excel for a variety of jobs, using Power BI gives you added value. But it lets you share reports with live data in it as well as drill down to the things that matter the most for your business. Similarly, you can share Power BI files on your Microsoft Teams.

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your excel files. These can be pushed in Power BI as well and shared with respective team members as a Power BI file. The best advantage of Power BI comes in when you’re a complete Microsoft ecosystem in your organization. The visibility of the some data in Power BI is limited to the users and thus can be set up in both the versions of the desktop.

This means you only have to share the information that you want your team members to see. If there is anything that is required only to have certain access limitations for your teams, you can do that easily on Power BI.

More to this, Power BI’s capabilities are far too big to be understood concisely. It can perform all functions that multiple excel sheets and several employees have been doing for your business. As a matter of fact, Power BI has helped several organizations become intelligent in their true sense by understanding their data in detail.


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