Why Train in Cyber Security at ABM College?

Today’s businesses have fully understood the challenges of information security. To guard against cyber attacks, to protect the data of the company but also of its customers, many expert profiles in cybersecurity are sought. You can become a cyber security expert by taking various courses. ABM College is one institution offering a cyber security diploma online program. 

With ABM College’s Cyber Security Diploma Online Program, you can get started in your career in just 70 weeks and do your part to better society by keeping information private and transactions secure. You can register to perfect your skills. 

Are you curious, computer-savvy, and enjoy learning? Discover all the good reasons to take a cyber security diploma online training at ABM College.

What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity, or information security, is the set of devices put in place to protect data and connected IT resources against hacking. It involves knowledge of the different forms of computer attacks or cyber-attacks, the technical protection of information systems, and human awareness.

Why Take Cybersecurity Training?

ABM College’s cyber security diploma online program helps you understand the different forms of cybercrime and acquire technical skills to analyze the vulnerabilities of a computer system, detect network security incidents, and guarantee the reliability of infrastructures. This certifying training will allow you to improve your knowledge of new technologies and bring a real plus to your CV. The trainers are all professionals working in the technical trades of cybersecurity. They share with students much more than theory about their profession.

What Are the Cybersecurity Professions?

ABM College supports students and prepares them for the realities of digital professions, a rapidly growing sector that is recruiting a lot. The cyber security diploma online program is professional, which means it opens doors to the job market, particularly thanks to the many expert partners: CISCO, CITRIX, Microsoft, Oracle …

There are many jobs related to IT systems security:

  • IT Security Analyst: he ensures that the programs and software installed in the company are up to standards, foresees risks, and resolves security incidents (information leakage, hacking, etc.)
  • Information Systems Security Manager (RSSI): He is in charge of defining and implementing the company’s cybersecurity policy. With his team, he assesses the flaws in the organization and sets up new security rules to remedy them.
  • Pentester: His role is to control the IT security of the company by carrying out intrusion tests (penetration tests). In other words, he puts himself in the shoes of a hacker who would try to access information held by the company and reports to the RSSI the flaws detected in the system.

By signing up for the cyber security diploma online program, you can also become a specialist in crisis management, developer, administrator, integrator, or even cybersecurity consultant. Jobs that recruit young graduates, in all countries of the world.

The good thing about the online program is that it is quite short and flexible for those who want to learn from home or balance work with studies. You will also land different career opportunities in the market.

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