Why You Should Consider Becoming A Salesforce Consultant

Becoming a Salesforce consultant is a viable career path if you are interested in managing client relationships. However, it is not the only one. It’s understandable if you are having doubts about whether to commit to it or not. After all, a career path can impact one’s life in many ways.  

It’s not a decision to make lightly.  

To make this decision without any trepidation, you need to know many things. Below you can find details about what it means to be a Salesforce consultant and why people consider this career path. 

What is Salesforce Consultant 

Salesforce Consultant profession gets its name after Salesforce, which is a cloud-based software for:

  • Customer relationship management; 
  • Customer service; 
  • Marketing automation; 
  • Analytics. 

A Salesforce Consultant helps companies achieve their goals with client-specific implementation using the Salesforce platform. They can be responsible for many things.   

Salesforce Consultant can identify business problems and bottlenecks in processes and implement relevant software solutions to address them. Or, they can also work towards helping a company streamline its customer relationship efforts.   

Here is what you can expect to do if you decide to pursue this career path:

  • Development and management of project plans; 
  • Managing client relationships; 
  • Business process mapping; 
  • Identifying bottlenecks; 
  • Team management; 
  • New solution implementation. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultants can work as an independent freelancer, work in-house, or work as part of a team in one of many Salesforces consulting companies. In either case, they help a company make the best of the Salesforce platform to achieve business goals. Here is what makes being a Salesforce consultant so appealing.  

It’s an engaging career path! 

Many people are afraid they will end up doing repetitive and tedious tasks. This is a legitimate concern. However, working as a Salesforce Consultant is the complete opposite. In other words, your job will be fun, engaging, and you’ll always work on solving unique issues. How come? 

Every business is unique and has different goals. As a consultant, you will work with unique business processes and encounter various problems daily. You’ll be constantly engaged thinking about problems, potential solutions, and how the Salesforce platform can help with resolving them. 

Developing a complete understanding of the Salesforce platform 

While we are on the subject of the Salesforce platform, it’s important to note that while its focus remains on CRM, it has grown into a comprehensive business solutions platform. It simply means that there are countless ways you can leverage Salesforce services to improve one business. 

Working as a Salesforce Consultant, you will learn the ins and outs of the Salesforce software platform. You will become an expert able to develop timely and business-specific solutions through the use of its functionalities.  

Become a niche-specific expert for Salesforce implementation  

The more niche, the more valuable you will become on the job market. Salesforce platform capabilities render it suitable for implementation in various industries. However, if you only stick to one vertical, you will become a niche-specific expert for Salesforce implementation.  

Thanks to your specific but abundant knowledge about one narrow area, this will not only render you more valuable. You will also be able to innovate using Salesforce services and implement them in unique ways to facilitate the efficiency of processes and business growth.  

Excel at strategic decision-making and problem-solving 

Salesforce platform doesn’t offer copy-paste-ready solutions. Instead, it provides resources you can use to solve specific problems. To efficiently solve problems, you will have to make good decisions, and over time, your decision-making and problem-solving skills will improve. 

Imagine mapping all existing customer relationship management processes and reworking the CRM system. There will be more than a couple of decisions to make and a handful of problems to solve. The more you work as a Salesforce Consultant, the better you will become at it. The best thing about it is that these are transferable skills, and you will benefit from them on other projects. 

People will love you! 

People engaged with CRM processes often feel entangled in legacy solutions and inefficient processes. They are stuck with repetitive tasks, which often results in errors. You will be a savior for these people. Salesforce offers excellent automation capabilities, and you’ll be working on developing custom automation paths for your clients.  

People will love you for making their job easier for them and enabling them to do more engaging things. 

You’ll improve communication and collaboration! 

As a Salesforce Consultant, you will work as a part of a team, often managing a team. To be good at it and deliver the expected results, you will have to excel at collaboration and communication. These two skills are valued across industries.  

As you improve in these two areas, you will become a better Salesforce Consultant and communicate even the most complex ideas and solutions efficiently. 

It’s rewarding  

There are some reasons why it is rewarding to be a Salesforce Consultant. First, you will be helping companies and people to become better and achieve measurable goals. This alone feels great as you get to experience the results of your work. 

It’s also rewarding in terms of finances. For instance, the average yearly salary of a Salesforce Consultant in the US is $90,681. 

Wrapping Up  

Being a Salesforce Consultant implies that you will use a solution that keeps getting better and better in helping companies improve processes and achieve goals. The reasons to become one are more than compelling, ranging from a high value on the job market to being involved in a fun and engaging career.   

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