The internet is a ceaseless need of the people and something we cannot pass the day without, at work or home. The cost of obtaining it depends on the location. While, there are many cities both on the national basis and global that offer free Wi-Fi in public or rush areas like shopping malls, restaurants, business stores, airports, or even trains. This free Wi-Fi may seem a good idea but is not that purely nice with the risk it brings in. This is mainly due to the hacking and malware that could be present no matter where you turned.

The vision is there, somehow. The key is having a good connection no matter where you are. Huge ISPs could join hands to make it happen. While other large-scale companies like CenturyLink which is widely spread out could allow access to the internet in malls on a fixed package from the government because it is possible for such firms. Nonetheless, we do not know for sure what the future entails with the public and free use of the internet.

The internet serves as a means of communication. If the cost for using that roadway were removed, the economy and society as a whole would benefit. Of sure, online firms would continue to grow. The majority of the material available on the internet is similar to a roadside café or a hotel near a highway.

According to this point of view, the ‘internet’ is the infrastructure: the hardware and options rendered by ISPs. The economy and society would gain if these services were provided at no direct cost to users.

Then there are the tax skeptics who would rather pay a wealthy private firm $100 than a public tax of $10, rationalizing their choice by claiming, “Nothing in the world is free.” It is quite puzzling indeed.

Free Wi-Fi –Expanding To the World

Many companies and countries like South Korea are trying to make the internet available to everyone and in public places as be operate over it at all times. Even in the USA, many ISP’s are trying to do so. The expansion can be for public areas for people who cannot get the internet on the go. Just so, a company named Sprint called out a plan to give out free devices and plans to teens and adults in education so they are not left behind in it.

Facebook also plans to do some things like to get internet access to a maximum of people such as the Free Basics will give free internet service like the cable service, this however would be the base plan. If you are curious to know, this also includes access to Facebook.

Benefit from Free Internet to the World

Even if people have some concerns with this “free” and “vulnerable” connection, people just love free things and for a simple tax it could be very much appreciated in areas where people can’t get a connection get strand or lost, especially the tourist would have beaming eyes if this is implement. It could be secure too and not have issues at all, it all depends on the management and cyber security to keep monitoring and laws that work against the issue of hacking and malware.

In this tech-based world, though many businesses will tend to convert and move into the zone of free internet service. Maybe there are government subsidies or collaborations that work to make this possible.  Without the internet, businesses just cannot seem to thrive. It is embedd from the education sector, hospitals, to entertainment and keeping the connection with the outside world going.  Companies use the net for more than just presence, marketing, operations, supply chains are now connected with the help of it. A breakdown will end the world but before that will there ever be free internet for all, is still a precedential question to ask.

Will Free Access Mean Censorship?

If present trends continue, the Internet may become freer but more controlled in the future. The Internet is highly blocked in China, Russia, and Egypt, for example. In China, popular social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are prohibited. Censorship exists in other nations, such as India and Turkey, albeit to a lesser level. Censorship of the internet harms worldwide corporations that rely on online marketing on social media platforms, as well as people by restricting certain liberties.

To Conclude

Could unfettered Internet connectivity come at a cost – not monetary, but rather in terms of liberty? Will have to see. Security is one concern but other concerns are more societal such as free access. To the dark web to anyone/anywhere undetected even more so if the access to internet connection is free of cost. Therefore, there are issues but with any revolution comes a price we must all pay and move on.

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