Why Wooden Toys Are The Best Playthings?

Is there a perfect toy? Wooden toys might be the best. Real toys made from natural materials such as wood are preferred by experts because they are safe, healthy, and instill confidence in children. They are beautiful and long-lasting, as some of the oldest toys ever discovered were made from wood.

A wooden toy that is simple and well-made can hold a child’s attention without overwhelming them. It can also inspire their imagination, without being directed.

Reasons to Choose Wooden Toys:

They help children to focus

Studies show that children are more likely to concentrate and focus when they have access to learning spaces with natural elements such as wooden toys Australia than those without. The wood can be touched to calm children, so playing with wooden toys can help them relax.

A 2017 study showed that wood contact can induce physiological relaxation. Toys that encourage a more peaceful and sustained play environment are a great way to help children develop their cognitive abilities in an age of constant stimulation and over stimulation.

Fewer Toys= More Fun  

Toys for toddlers and babies should be limited. Too many options can cause confusion. This philosophy is evident in the minimalist spaces of classrooms and homes. They tend to have a smaller selection of flexible, open-ended wooden toys.

In 2018, a study compared two play environments for toddlers. One had 16 toys, the other had 4. The results showed that the Four Toy environment was more enjoyable than the Sixteen Toy.

When there are fewer toys to choose from, children naturally develop closer relationships with their playthings. This allows them to form deeper bonds and go deeper with their play. Wooden toys are open-ended, so children can create their own play styles and spend more time playing with one toy.

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Promote Creativity  

Toys are flooded with bright lights, loud noises, vibrant colors, screens, and flashing lights. These features offer immediate pleasure for young children but also limit opportunities for imaginative play and problem-solving.

Wooden toys like wooden train set Perth are simpler than flashy toys, and they support cognitive milestones in a way that flashy toys simply cannot. At 9 months old, babies begin to understand cause and effect. For example, banging a block on a ground makes a sound, while dropping one causes it to disappear from sight. This concept can be simplified to a wooden toy like a puzzle or block set.

Wooden toys offer a tactile, beautiful, and open-ended blank canvas for children to explore at their own pace. Children can be restricted and directed by the extra bells and whistles of other toys that may make them more appealing. You could also buy wooden dinosaur toy online nowadays.

Introduction into the real world

In many ways toys are a way to introduce children to the world of the physical world. They’re the first thing they touch, feel, and use. Simple wooden toys can teach children quiet lessons about physics, cause, effect, object permanence and problem-solving.

Yes, a toddler or baby can make noise from any wooden toy. This is because wooden toys are usually quieter and provide a more peaceful environment than many plastic toys.

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They inspire

Wooden toys can be used to create new worlds. Wooden toys, such as blocks and other wooden toys, can be transformed into any kind of play that a child desires. They can also be used to guide their development from simple symbolic play to complex imaginative play. As well as other caregivers and educators, practitioners believe that simpler, natural materials can lead to deeper and more sustained engagement.

Children can build a city, drag a wooden car around or create a train track from one room to the next.

Introduce children to physics and math

Wooden blocks are the original STEM toy. They require hand-eye coordination and dexterity to stack and balance. These blocks also help with important math skills like recognition and pattern matching.

Children must learn to coordinate their hands and see how to balance and build blocks. There are no connecting systems or magnets to hold them together. Early physics lessons are taught to children when a tower falls after 6 blocks have been placed on it, or when a ball rolls down ramps.

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