Things you need to know about the work permit Singapore

If you want to work abroad you have to settle some documents. For example, You need a work visa to be able to legally work in any country abroad. In Singapore, there are many types of work visas like a work permit Singapore certificate. The different kinds of fishes in Singapore are issued depending on your qualifications.


There are wide work visa options in Singapore because of the many job opportunities that require different skill sets. For professionals, they would need to acquire an employment pass to be able to work in Singapore. For mid-skilled workers, there is the s pass and the work permit Singapore visa.


If you want to work in Singapore, you must acquire a work visa to continue. If you want to apply for the work permit Singapore visa specifically then this article is for you.


As mentioned above there are different eligibility or qualifications for the different types of work visas. The employment pass is more applicable for working professionals. While the s pass is for mid-skilled workers, while the work permit Singapore visa is for semi-skilled workers.


The work permit Singapore visa Requires different eligibility depending on the sector that you want to work in. Below are the different qualifications that you have to meet depending on the sector that you are applying for.


Generally the work permit Singapore visa is given to foreign individuals who are unskilled or are semi-skilled. If you want to get this work visa, one of the requirements that you have to meet is that you are only allowed to work in that occupation. This job position should be the one specified in your work permit Singapore visa.


As a work permit Singapore visa holder you are not also allowed to take part in any other business or start your own business. You are also restricted when it comes to residency, you are only allowed to stay at the address on your card.  if you want to change your address then you must inform your employer.


you are also not allowed to marry a Singaporean citizen without notifying the ministry of manpower in Singapore.

How to apply

To apply for a work permit Singapore visa you have to apply and find a job first. you will then have to apply for an employer’s certificate which is a document from the employer. This certificate verifies the position that you will be filling in.


After you have been accepted for the job you will then have to go to the ministry of manpower to file for a work permit Singapore visa. You will have to prepare the different documents that are needed. These documents include the employer’s certificate and your passport. You will also have to prepare a medical report.


The medical report is a document that would indicate that you are fit to do the job. If you have a medical problem then you will have to consult a doctor and have a report that would indicate that you are fit to do the job.


You will also have to pay an application fee to the manpower ministry. This fee is for the work permit Singapore visa. If your application is denied then you will have to pay a higher fee.


You will also have to pay for a police clearance certificate. This is a document that you will have to get from your country. This is a requirement for all work visas in Singapore.

Benefits of working in Singapore

#1 Low taxes

One of the benefits of working in Singapore is that they implement one of the lowest taxes in the world. These taxes apply to big corporations and personal taxes.


Even if they are one of the biggest and most successful economies in the world their tax rates remain relatively low. These rates make it easier for business corporations to conduct business operations here.

#2 Enjoying the beauty of Singapore

Not only is working in Singapore a top choice for business, but it is also a top choice when it comes to leisure. You can enjoy the beauty of Singapore as a business person or even a tourist. Singapore offers many great tourist destinations that will surely make your stay here enjoyable.

#3 Great for family

Singapore is also a great choice for people who want to start a family. If it’s recorded to have one of the best quality of living especially when it comes to infrastructure. Singapore has top-of-the-line or state-of-the-art transportation facilities that make mobility easier. Singapore has a great environment for small businesses, corporations, and entrepreneurs.

#4 Quality education

If you are going to start a family and you want to give your children the best education then Singapore is a great choice.  Singapore has one of the best educational systems in the world. It is affordable and also convenient.  The education system is not just for children but also for adults.

Other types of employment visa in Singapore

Employment pass

If you think that the work permit Singapore visa is not right for you then you can try assessing if you are qualified for the other type of visa. For working professionals, an employment pass is available for you.


You have to have a job offer in any Singaporean company to qualify for this type of work visa. You also have to be earning at least$4500 when you apply. A university degree or diploma will also be required once you apply for this visa.

S pass

An S pass work visa is also available. This visa is intended for mid-skilled workers such as truck drivers, flight attendants, and bartenders. You can qualify for this if you are earning at least $2,500 on the date of your application.


Since this is intended for men skilled workers it is not a requirement to have a university degree.  you can present a training certificate that can prove your skills and competence for the job that you are applying for.  This certificate should be equivalent to one year of full-time study.


Business owners are also encouraged to apply for a visa in Singapore.  If a foreign individual has a business that has technological innovations or is a venture back then they will be qualified for this type of visa.

Get your own visa today

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