3 tips on how to get followers on Instagram – without paying

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The number of Instagram users is still growing and every online store should be present on this platform. But what’s the good of being online without people following your account? Here are three tips to help you gain new followers – for free!

You can just buy followers.

This is one way to increase your follower count. However, this method is not recommended – nor is buying positive reviews.

Even if spam bots and dubious agencies promise you don’t know how great your results are, you should never buy followers. If you want increase your followers then visit our website at sociallygo.net

Of course, at first glance, the fact that your online store has 10,000. followers look really impressive. However, on closer inspection, it doesn’t reflect the low number of likes or comments on each photo you publish.

Bought fake followers don’t interact with your content: they don’t like, don’t comment and most importantly, they’ll never buy from you.

Moreover: as a seasoned entrepreneur, you know that the element of trust is one of the most important factors on the Internet. With fake followers, you undermine the trust that potential customers and fans have placed in you.

Instead of going this path, you’ll be more successful in the long run by organically increasing your followers. Posting your photos and keeping your fingers crossed in hopes of gaining new followers can work, but you can also follow our three tips and boost your Instagram account growth.

1. Help a chance

You can use Instagram relatively passively by simply posting a few photos and videos once in a while. Maybe your account will even be found by one or two potential customers. However, this passive tactic will not increase your followers and sales.

Rather, you should get active and help a little bit of luck. You want followers who are active and who can become enthusiastic customers, right?

Fortunately, they are relatively easy to find.

  1. Look for competitors and accounts from the same industry that are already on Instagram
  2. Click on followers.
  3. Now you have a list of people who are interested in what you (and your competition) offer.

At this point, you can interact with people from this list – like a photo or leave a nice comment. This way, you will quickly draw attention to your online store and reach potential customers who might otherwise never hear of it.

Because everyone (well, maybe except influencers with thousands of followers) enjoys likes or comments and and looks at who actually left a mark.

You should pay attention to this:

It is important that your comments do not look like spam.

It’s definitely worth taking the time (around 10-15 seconds) to leave a comment that is more than a heart-shaped emoji or that simply says ” Great photo!”.

Try to get humor, sincere compliments and helpful comments that will make you stand out from the crowd. Also, remember that Instagram is a social platform. This allows you to communicate differently (and more freely) with your clientele. So make sure your comments really relate to the photo. General, massive comments won’t get you anywhere. Instagram users have a good nose for spam.


An Instagram post is structured as follows:

picture or video,

text that has something to do with the image


Like Google search terms, hashtags make Instagram posts discoverable by users who don’t follow you.

Hence, hashtags are a tool that should definitely be used to gain followers. Each word can be a hashtag, but you should make sure that the ones you choose match your brand image

So if a user searches for #motorbike and finds a post from your account that does not show this vehicle but golf clubs, it will not have a positive effect. So the conclusion is simple: stick to hashtags that are related to your e-shop and products. This is the only way to gain a loyal following in the long run.

As with search engine optimization, there are terms that are more and less competitive. General slogans like #love #fun and #fashion are among the most difficult. If your posts are not generating several thousand likes on a regular basis, the chances that these tags will give you high visibility are slim.

Less competitive hashtags are typically industry specific and have the potential to attract genuinely interested followers.

It is also worth searching for hashtags relevant to your business and interacting with them.

3. Be the friendly store that is always nearby

Speaking of interaction – here is the third tip. It’s important to post regularly – preferably even daily!

But if you want to gain loyal fans, followers, and customers, you need to do more. Just getting a follower is not the end of your work.

Think of it this way: someone found out about your Instagram account, your posts are attractive, and a new fan decides to follow you, like you, and comment on your photos. That’s exactly what you want. So now you can enjoy your new follower and post photos regularly.

But also in this case, the principle of “give and take” applies. You will make a much better impression if you also take care of the people who are already following you. Don’t leave comments under your posts unanswered, otherwise your fans will quickly feel ignored and underestimated.

You should also take care to reply to posts where you’ve been tagged. This could be, for example, a photo of satisfied customers and a product that was purchased in your store.

Many customers use social media brands and online stores to ask questions about support and customer service. It’s important to answer them – whether you refer customers to customer service or respond directly to Instagram doesn’t matter.

7 mistakes to avoid on Instagram

Now that you know what you should do to run an Instagram account successfully, let’s take a look at the issues to avoid.

Here are the basic mistakes in running an Instagram profile:

no emotional message: what feelings and impressions do you want to evoke in the user following your profile?

pooling followers activation: make sure you are actively addressing your

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