Efficient Video Downloader

Want an Efficient Video Downloader? Try These 11 Tools and Tricks

Amid one of your social media surfing sprees, you start watching a cool video. It is hilarious and catchy and you can’t stop watching it. And now you are thinking about ways to share it with your friends. Or perhaps your mom or dad but they are not on social media. To share it with someone who’s not on social media first you have to download it!

So, here is the good news. There are tons of video grabbers online! And using them is not rocket science. Using most of them is fairly easy. And once you have saved it, you can re-watch it when you are offline and share it with anyone.

Since the Spectrum basic cable price for TV and internet is not too much and I have a subscription to it, I can always go online and find my favorite videos again. However, I still like to download them to share them with my not-so-tech-savvy friends and relatives.

Top 11 Video Grabbing Tools and Tricks

Take advantage of the following tools specific for various sites and social media platforms.

  1. SaveFrom.net.
  2. Instagram Downloader.
  3. FastestTube.
  4. 4k Video Downloader.
  5. Download Twitter Video.
  6. FB Down.
  7. FB Down Private.
  8. YooDownload.
  9. Online Video Converter.
  10. FLVTO.
  11. VideoGrabber.


YouTube is the biggest and most popular video hosting site on the internet. And you can find tons of relevant and quality videos based on your interests. SaveFrom.net is a web-based YouTube-specific downloader. Among other YouTube downloaders, this one is fairly convenient and easy-to-use.

All you have to do is to add ‘ss’ in the YouTube URL just before YouTube. And you are good to go. Simple and effortless!

Instagram Downloader

First launched with only a photo-sharing function, Instagram has now noticeably evolved. Now, it is also popular for stories, videos, and live video features. Instagram Downloader allows you to grab any video from the said platform in no time.


Again a YouTube-specific entrée. It is one of the lease complex and easy-to-use downloaders for YouTube. For the convenience of users, it can be added as a browser extension. This allows adding a download button to your YouTube page.

Moreover, FastestTube is compatible with Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and so on.

4k Video Downloader

To use this quick and easy tool, all you need to do is to copy and paste the URL link of the video required. Tap the download button and you are good to go.

Moreover, it allows you to use the auto-download option and subscribe to various YouTube channels. With the auto-download tab, you can download the latest videos from your favorite channels automatically.

Furthermore, with 4K Downloader, you have the freedom to download videos in various resolutions and formats.

Download Twitter Video

Twitter users also come across tons of interesting videos. To get your hands on those videos, Download Twitter Video comes as a handy tool. Pull off videos from Twitter by simply pasting the URL of your desired video tweets.

Additionally, you have the liberty to save the videos in various formats such as MP3, MP4, MP4 HD, and so on.

FB Down

Facebook is the undisputed social media giant. And it is flooded with video content. FB Down is a video downloading tool specific to Facebook. You can also add it as a Chrome extension. By simply tapping this extension button, you can download the video without having to leave the homepage.

FB Down Private

Have you ever come across a great video on Facebook that you are unable to download because it is posted via a private account? Well, that’s why FB Down Private, which is a subsection of FB Down deserves a separate mention.

You can download video content from private accounts on Facebook using this tool. Moreover, you can also grab video content that is not visible natively.


YooDownload is an all-rounder. You can grab video content from various sites and forums using this tool. It supports Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Vid.me, Sound Cloud, and so on.

Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter is a platform-independent tool. It is able to support multiple formats and sites. And the best part is that unlike many other web apps, it is mobile-compatible too. With this tool, users can also download videos on the go.


In addition to the features that every video downloader has, FLVTO comes with a special feature that allows users to queue the videos to be auto-downloaded later upon availability.

Therefore, users can pile up a set of videos for their downloading spree whilst they spend time somewhere else instead of having to wait to download one video after the other. If you are a frequent downloader, this is the tool for you!

video grabber

This entrée is a desktop program. It comes with a handy screen recording feature to record your screen along with other video downloading capabilities. This feature is great when it comes to capturing live videos as screenshots or video files. You can record webinars, live sessions on social media, tutorials, video chats, and so on.

Since I take live online classes, this tool has proved very useful for me. I have recorded all those live training sessions and classes. All I had to do wash to dial my provider’s cable phone number for the internet and subscribe to a decent speed tier.

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