5 Family Pets to Consider That are Great With Kids

Keeping kids and pets safe is a priority for any parent. Fortunately, many common pet species also make great companions for children. In fact, according to the Humane Society of the United States, keeping pets helps children develop empathy and responsibility. Here are 5 family pets to consider that are great with kids:


1. Breeds Of Dogs That Are Great With Kids


Dogs make wonderful family pets. In fact, according to a survey by the American Humane Society, approximately two-thirds of American families own a dog. There are many breeds of dogs that are perfect for families with kids. Some of the most popular and kid-friendly dog breeds are listed below:


Labrador Retriever– A friendly, laid-back breed, the Labrador Retriever is an excellent choice for families with young children. These giant dogs have lots of energy and love to play, which makes them great for families with children of all ages.


Corgi puppiesCorgi puppies for sale in Kansas are commonly known for their fantastic combination of personal characteristics. They have a lifespan of 12-13 years. However, corgis are very sensitive. Thus, reactions may end up frightening the breed.


German Shepherd– A large and active breed, German Shepherds are intelligent and obedient dogs that are very protective of their families. German Shepherds are relatively easy to train and groom.


2. Breeds Of Cats That Are Great With Kids


Most cats make great family pets, but it is essential to choose the right breed. Some breeds are more kid-friendly than others. That said, most cats can be trained to tolerate the occasional harassment by an overstimulated toddler. Some of the most kid-friendly cat breeds are listed below:


Siamese– Siamese are high-maintenance pets and very kid-friendly. Siamese enjoys the company of kids and can tolerate a lot of rough-and-tumbles. Siamese is relatively easy to groom and does not shed.


Exotic shorthair breeds– Many exotic shorthair breeds are incredibly kid-friendly. These breeds are low-maintenance and very easy to groom. Exotic shorthair cats are good with younger kids but are not appropriate for toddlers.


3. Fish For Kids


Fish are a very low-maintenance pet option. They are easy to care for and can be housed in a wide variety of small aquariums that can be placed almost anywhere in the home. Some common types include goldfish, tropical freshwater fish, and saltwater fish. They are easy to care for and come in various colors and sizes. When choosing a fish species for your family, it is essential to consider each species’ feeding and water requirements. Some fish are low maintenance, but others are not.


4. Small Rodents As Pets For Children


Hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs are all small rodents that make good pets for young children. These tiny animals make great indoor companions for kids too young to care for larger pets. These rodents have short life spans and are best enjoyed during the period when your child is within the appropriate age range to care for one. Gerbils are social animals that want to be held and played with.


5. Reptiles As Pet Options For Children


Some reptiles make great family pets. These cold-blooded creatures are deficient in maintenance. Many reptiles are great for kids. The most important factors to consider are the activity level and size of the reptile.


Chameleons– Chameleons are visually stunning lizards. They do not require much attention but need a warm and humid environment. Chameleons can be great pets for kids old enough to understand and meet the lizard’s needs.


Bearded Dragons.– are a great pet option for families with younger children. They are effortless to care for and can even be housed in small aquariums.




Many typical family pets are also great with kids. When choosing a pet, it is essential to consider the breed’s personality and grooming needs. Some animals are deficient in maintenance, while others are high. Fish, hamsters, and small rodents are very low-maintenance pets. They do not require much attention and can be enjoyed by younger children. Reptiles can be great pets for kids who are old enough to handle them properly. When choosing family pets, it is essential to understand precisely what you are getting into, both for the sake of the animal and your family members.




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