5 Home Additions You Need For The Winter

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As the weather gets cold and you start spending more time indoors, it is vital to ensure your home is comfortable and cozy. A few additions or updates can make all of the difference in comfortably living in your house all year round. If you are considering some home improvements, here are five additions that will help make winter a little more bearable:

Adjustable Thermostat

An adjustable thermostat is a must-have for any heating and cooling system. It will help you control the temperature in your house so that you can be more comfortable throughout the year. An adjustable thermostat will allow you to lower the temperature in your home when it is not occupied. You may also use it to raise the temperature to keep warm during cold months. Doing that can save money on your energy bill and help keep your home at a more comfortable temperature for you and your family.

Heat Pump

Not everyone can insulate their house, and a few people just need heat to stay comfortable. If you live in an area where the temperatures will get cold and are looking for a way to be warm, you should consider investing in a heat pump system. You can also install a ductless heat pump, which does not require any ducting to the outside of the home. It will help to warm up your home and keep it comfortable for you all year round. If you are thinking about purchasing a heat pump system, you should look into different types of heat pumps that are available to keep your budget under control. You will want a system that can heat and cool your home at the same time and do so efficiently too.


If you plan to spend your winters inside, you will want a flooring option that allows you to walk around without freezing your feet off. The best option for cold weather is a tile or laminate floor. When your home has tile or laminate flooring, it will help to keep the floors clean and prevent water damage. However, if you plan on installing laminate flooring, you will want to look into radiant heating options. 


You can place radiant floor heat underneath a laminate floor. It can help to keep your house at a temperature that is more comfortable for you. Some radiant heat systems are also able to be placed underneath carpets. It will allow you to have warm floors even in a cold climate. They can also help keep your home warm and protect your floors from water damage.

Home Insulation

It is important to insulate your home to be comfortable during the winter months. Insulating your home will help keep the heat and cold air inside. If you are not fully aware of how much insulation your house needs, you may want to ask an energy professional or contractor. They will be able to tell you what type of insulation is best for your climate and how much it will cost. 


Depending on how many inches your home is, you should also consider installing insulation panels in different areas of the house that need more protection. Insulation has become more affordable over the last few years. It can help to keep your heating and cooling costs down during the coldest months of the year.

Seal Up Cracks

One of the easiest ways to protect your home from freezing is by sealing up any cracks in the walls and ceilings where air can get in and out. You should also ensure you are not allowing cold air to get inside by removing all drafts from your home. A good indication of a draft inside your house is visible water swelling at night. It shows that much moisture is being pulled into the house during the night, and it can cause damage to plumbing, appliances, and even foundation walls.


When it is cold outside, you may consider adding some home improvements to help your home stay comfortable in the winter. It will help to keep you and your family comfortable. These additions can save money and make holiday gatherings more enjoyable for everyone involved. These five additions to your home will provide peace of mind throughout the year.

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