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5 Kinds of Digital Football Collectibles

The world of collecting changed a lot over the years. You might remember being a kid and getting excited every time you bought a new pack of football cards at the store or got a jersey or similar sportswear of your favorite team. While you can still buy and collect football cards, the use of digital collectibles is on the rise. These are collectibles that you can view on your home computer or any device connected to the internet. You can build a huge collection that includes trading cards and fun items that no one else finds. Looking at the five common kinds of digital football collectibles helps you get started in this hobby.

Trading Cards

Not everyone likes the idea of keeping physical football cards around their homes. All it takes is one leaky roof or snowstorm to ruin the cards you bought years ago. Digital trading cards are a great alternative to traditional trading cards. Not only can you buy, sell, and trade them, but some are quite valuable. Rob Gronkowski became the first NFL player to release a digital trading card after winning the Super Bowl, but you can now buy cards that feature popular players from history like John Elway and Joe Namath.

Memorable Moments

Another type of digital collectible is similar to a trading card but features a memorable sporting moment. Do you remember where you were during the infamous “Catch” moment that took place at the 1981 NFC Championship Game? Maybe you love to talk about the Helmet Catch from the 2008 NFC Championship Game. You can relive all of those moments and many more with one of these exclusive collectibles. They are a cross between a trading card and a GIF or short video. Some fans have fun buying all of the moments that feature their favorite players.

Event Tickets

No matter what game you plan to attend, you must have a ticket. Some stadiums now offer digital tickets as a way to help fans save time. You buy the tickets and can download them to your phone. Present your phone at the gate to get into the stadium. Some stadiums now offer limited edition tickets that use the blockchain. You have the chance to either win or buy one of these tickets. Once you download an NFT wallet, you can save the ticket in the wallet. These tickets may come with perks such as a photo of a popular player or a free drink at the snack bar.

Offline Assets

If you assume that digital football collectibles are just online products, think again. Thanks to BYU digital football collectibles and similar collectibles from other teams, you now have the chance to get items in the real world when you collect them online. The idea is that you unlock rewards when you buy more collectibles. You purchase cards and other items online and then open them. All packs come with golden tickets or other small digital items you can collect. When you find them all, you might get a fan experience event at the stadium or free tickets to an upcoming game.

Game Assets

Thanks to NFL and college football video games, you can now compete as part of your favorite team from the comfort of your home. If you’re new to the world of digital collectibles, consider investing in-game assets. These are items that help you get more out of your games. You might unlock a new uniform for your players that resembles the classic uniform the team once wore. Other assets include the likeness of popular players you can add to your game and trophies that mimic the top ones awarded to football players today.

Digital Football Collectibles are Hot

The NFL season usually runs from September through January. College teams often start much earlier and give you the chance to see some of the future players who will compete in the NFL. Football fans spend a lot of money on merchandise to support their favorite teams such as replica uniforms and helmets as well as shirts and hats. Digital football collectibles give you some unique items you can add to your collection. All you need is an internet connection to start. Some of the popular collectibles that fans of the sport love include offline products and game assets as well as trading cards and event tickets.

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