5 Must-Have Appliances to Keep In Your Office’s Break Room

An office break room is where employees take mental breaks between work sessions. In the break room, workers can relax and interact with coworkers and even the management, which creates a healthy work environment. They can also quickly fix snacks and drinks without going to get them from outside the office. Therefore, the break room should have the necessary appliances to make the employees’ work easier. Here are some important appliances that are needed in a break room.

Coffee Machines


Taking coffee is a great way to help refresh the mind, especially after a long time of performing overwhelming tasks. Therefore, every break room should have one or more coffee machines depending on the office environment. If you have few workers, you can invest in a coffee machine that can brew enough coffee for all the workers but not in excessive amounts, like twelve cups, or one that can brew one cup at a time to minimize wastage. If you have many workers, you can invest in a multi-function coffee machine that can brew a whole pot or several cups at a go. You can also purchase coffee machines that brew different flavors depending on the employees’ preferences. The coffee machines should also be portable in that you can easily take them to the conference room and enjoy coffee during meetings. Also, the coffee machines should be easy to clean and maintain as they are handled by different people. Additionally, you should purchase enough specialty coffee beans to ensure that your workers have the best quality coffee during their work day. 

Water Dispensers


Water dispensers store clean drinking water that is available to your employees at all times. Hydrated employees are likely to be more productive when performing tasks. Water dispensers also provide hot water options, and employees can quickly make a hot cup of tea or chocolate without having to wait for the water to heat up. Furthermore, water dispensers can be easily moved from one place to another, and you can put them in convenient spots where all your employees can easily access them.



A microwave enables employees to reheat food, especially those who bring food to work. Employees can also fix snacks like popcorn and prepare light meals like vegetables and eggs without wasting too much time. Investing in microwaves that have pre-programmed functions enables employees to prepare their meals efficiently. Also, microwaves that produce low noise are a plus as they will not distract other workers. However, there should be strict rules when handling microwaves as they can easily cause fire hazards. For example, food should not be left unattended in the microwave as it can cause explosions. Also, avoid overcrowding the microwave, as it should be used by one person at a time. When used properly, microwaves are easy to maintain and can last long.



Employees will appreciate having a refrigerator in the break room where they can keep food and take it fresh during lunch. You can invest in a mini fridge if you only have a few employees or purchase a full-size fridge or multiple fridges when you have many employees. You can also buy a beverage refrigerator where your employees can keep their favorite drinks like milk, sodas, juices, beer bottles, and more. Having cold drinks in the office can be refreshing, especially during hot weather conditions. As much as refrigerators are convenient for employees, they can also be unhygienic if not maintained properly. For example, food left unattended for some time can start to rot and attract mold. In order to solve this problem, employees should be encouraged only to carry the food they will finish during lunch and not leave excessive food in the fridge.



Toasters are important appliances in a break room as they enable employees to heat their breakfast or fix snacks like sandwiches quickly. You can invest in one or more toasters depending on the number of your employees. Toasters are small and do not occupy a large amount of space, and also they are affordable and easy to maintain.


Having the above appliances in the office break room will save time and allow your employees to relax as they enjoy their meals and drinks. Also, investing in the appliances shows the level of appreciation you have for your employees. Employees who feel valued tend to be more productive.


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