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5 Software Services to Help Identify Plagiarism

When you write a lot of web content, it is a good idea to have a tool that can check for plagiarism. This is because all of the other tools that check for proper grammar and passive voice are unable to check for plagiarism. Below, we have listed the 5 software services to help identify plagiarism.

1. Grammarly

The first software service that comes to many minds is Grammarly. Besides offering proofreading ability, it is a great code plagiarism checker that many in the field of education utilize. Grammarly checks billions of websites and databases to ensure documents are unique. The plagiarism checker bases its check on plagiarism that is unintentional and includes creative writing, academic, and business

2. Copyscape

With plagiarism being an ongoing issue online, utilizing Copyscape can easily detect plagiarism no matter how minor it may be. Once you subscribe to Copyscape you can purchase credits that get deducted for each plagiarism check you conduct. You just need to copy and paste the content and will list any sources of plagiarism if no plagiarism is detected, it will display that no content was found.

With Copyscape, the plagiarism checker provides professional duplicate detection so that duplication can be prevented, track any copies, and ensure that content is unique. Copyscape provides copy entry that helps keep content protected so that copies cannot be made. It also provides a premium version that users can use to have content checked by copying and pasting or uploading. Websites are also able to prevent plagiarism by having a Copyscape banner placed on the web page.

3. Unicheck

When you are in search of content that is authentic, then Unicheck will be able to incorporate its intuitive technology to accomplish its check for plagiarism. This software is simple and its design is clear as its tools detect plagiarism.

The majority of files and uploads are supported while at the same time, a check for plagiarism is being conducted. Unicheck also includes add-ons through Google that allow you to find any similar content. This software is also able to seek and integrate many web pages and other sources to detect duplication.

You also get an analysis that is in-depth and checks for similarity, cheating, and modifications to spot text. Unicheck can resolve suspicious problems as the text is modified. There are many tools utilized to detect plagiarism and put all of the results together in a single report.

4. iThenticate

The iThenticate software is another well-known program that many use in the education field. The results of plagiarism are highlighted in sections. The database available is extensive and helps the professional easily detect plagiarism and all content that needs to be changed to become unique.

The results of the iThenticate check are comprehensive and the results are very reliable and can ensure that originality is maintained. Besides this, many sources are browsed by the tool to detect matches so that analysis can be easily conducted. The software can also detect critical issues.

5. Plagiarism Checker X

When you are writing content that needs to be original, then using Plagiarism Checker X is a great place to start. This software detects similarities throughout many documents online and ensures that the content is unique. Plagiarism Checker X can be used on various Windows operating systems.

Plagiarism Checker X is widely used by writers, journalists, and teachers so that the content created remains unique and free of any plagiarism. With it used worldwide and in several languages, the software is completely adaptable no matter where you are.

The tool also allows various files to be supported for scannings, such as PDF, Word, RTF, and plain text. The tool makes a comparison of documents for a duplicate to be found. Content is analyzed for unique content to be found so that any search engine penalty can be prevented.


Whether you are writing content for the web or educational purposes, it is important to have the content checked for plagiarism. When the content is unique, the website page can rank high among search engines. Having plagiarism-free content is also necessary for SEO purposes.

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