6 Signs Your Company Couldn’t Care Less About You During COVID-19

One of the things that usually hurt most employees is the way companies tend to treat them. Although you think you can be the most amazing, hard-working person on Earth, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be treated well by the company that hires you. 

Most of us just know that this is the way things are and have always been. Companies don’t exist here to care for people, they are here to make money. But good thing is, there are several good and genuine companies out there who do really care about their employees’ morale and health. 

As a matter of fact, now is the time to determine if your company shows 100 per cent interest in you as an employee since we are all facing a devasting pandemic that has affected a lot of people and businesses in so many ways. If your company shows zero interest, maybe it’s time to quit that job! 

But if you are not completely sure whether your company cares about you enough to not lose you, here are some signs that can assure you your company couldn’t care less about you. 

#1 They don’t provide a work-from-home policy or a flexible work schedule during the pandemic 

The COVID-19 pandemic proved how important it is to embrace humanity, be more loving, and understanding. These things are held true for companies who are compassionate about the well-being of their employees. 

We’re sure that every employee’s top concern is their health, job security, financial stability, and mental well-being right now. A great employer who cares about you will help address those fears in meaningful ways. How an employer treats their employees during this time will be remembered for years to come and it can have a lasting effect on the employee’s behaviour such as their loyalty, engagement, and productivity. 

If great performance is achieved in a flexible schedule or work-from-home set up, why would your employer not allow you? Think about it! Do they really care about you at all? 

#2 They don’t support you with the right resources 

Can’t execute your responsibilities well? It’s probably because your employer doesn’t bother to provide you with the necessary resources or support you need to effectively and efficiently perform your responsibilities. They don’t find your work worthy of the cost so they don’t really care to invest in your career or you. Your employer should ask you if you need anything during this pandemic to boost your productivity. Do you need an extra laptop at home? Is your internet slow? Observe the little things.

#3 Your employer doesn’t pay you right and a raise is always out of the question

This is the most obvious sign that your company doesn’t care about you even if there’s a pandemic or not! Look at the living standard they provide you, is it right? If a company pays you minimum wage or far below the industry standard for the work that you’re doing, they don’t really care about you. 

The issue with employees who don’t receive a reasonable salary amount is that they can’t give their all to a company that doesn’t even consider them a human being. If they make you feel that you’re replaceable, what’s the need to work your butt off for an organization that doesn’t care that they’re hardly keeping you above water? Find a new job instead that can pay you right! There are plenty of work-from-home jobs out there that need your skills and can pay you the salary you deserve. 

#4 Your CEO doesn’t feel the need for HR support 

One of the signs that your employer still doesn’t care about you is when there is no HR person on the executive group. If your CEO doesn’t see the importance of an HR advocate, and they don’t want to hear any complaints or problems related to their employees’ situation during the pandemic, they don’t really value their people. Even if they have HR, they’re just there for political correctness. 

#5 They don’t give you recognition or support for your work 

It’s definitely hard to work during the pandemic, a lot of things are happening and you still try your best to perform your responsibilities. During tough times, recognition and support from your boss is a huge effort when it comes to your morale. Employees need it to help them stay engaged in their jobs and remain emotionally fulfilled. 

During the past few months, do you even remember your boss acknowledging your efforts or when is the last time they’ve congratulated you on a job well done? Don’t remember anything? Most likely, that’s a big sign your company couldn’t care less about you. 

#6 They tell you to just “deal with it”

There is no doubt that one of the biggest signs your employer doesn’t care about you is when they do something or implement something that disappoints your ability to work efficiently and in making a living. If you do open up to them about it, they’ll tell you to just deal with it or find another job. 

Unfortunately, if they say this to you, it’s better to submit resumes elsewhere. You don’t need a toxic workplace and this problem is impossible to be fixed any time soon.

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