7 Mistakes that You Should Avoid During the Nursery School Admission of your Kid

Are you struggling to find one?

Do you need help with nursery admission?

Is it your first time looking for a nursery school for your child?

If your answer to any of these questions is an affirmative ‘yes’, you have landed in the right place. In this blog, we have covered the seven mistakes you should avoid during nursery admissions.

Read on to learn all about it!

Assuming that all nursery schools are the same

Assuming that all nursery schools are the same is a common mistake that most parents seem to make. Most nursery schools will have their unique infrastructure, facilities, and approach to training children.

Since nursery education does not strictly fall under the fold of formal education, most nursery schools use their unique approach to train children. So when it comes to nursery school admissions, take your time and do your research with an open mind. Please inquire about the nursery school provisions before you decide to enrol your child in one.

Believing that expensive nursery schools are always better 

The cost of nursery schools is spiking every year with most private nursery schools charging exorbitant fees. Since most parents are convinced that nursery school education is crucial to getting admission in good schools at the kindergarten level, they are happy to splurge on nursery school tuition fees – no matter how expensive they may be.

Moreover, there is a growing misconception that expensive nursery schools are automatically better than affordable ones. This isn’t the case. So if you’re exclusively approaching expensive nursery schools, stop right away.

The cost of a nursery school could be high because it is a private establishment. They tend to charge more because they are in the business of making money. Don’t let this trick you into believing that they are necessarily better. Other affordable nursery schools are just as good. You’ll have to research for yourself!

Going for the first nursery school you come across

Enrolling your child in the first nursery school you find is another common mistake that you should avoid as parents.

We get it. Finding a good nursery school is challenging. There aren’t a lot of them. And even the good ones get taken quickly. But don’t let this take you away from the bigger picture.

Don’t just settle for the first nursery school that is willing to enrol your child. Do your research. Check if the nursery school is good enough for your child. Consider the safety protocols taken by the nursery school. Interact with the educators to get a sense of their qualifications. After all, you’re leaving your young child in their care. So it makes sense to do a thorough inspection first!

Enrolling your child in nursery school when they’re not ready

You probably want your child to succeed in life and maybe compelled to enrol your child in a school early-on. But trust us, this is not the solution.

Every child is different, and they all have different needs. Just because nursery schools are open to 1.5-year-old children does not mean that you have to enrol them the minute they turn this age. You can afford to wait till they’re 3 years old, so don’t rush it. Take your time and enrol your child in a nursery school when they’re comfortable enough around strangers.

Sending your child to nursery school unprepared

This point is an extension of the last one. Many parents believe that since nursery school teachers are adept at training children, the burden of training your child rests on them after enrolment. This is just not true. While many nursery schools may offer potty training, they should not have to go through this burden alone. This is a crucial parent responsibility.

So do your work and potty train your child. Moreover, teach them how to conduct themselves and maintain their patience with others so that they are better equipped to embrace early childhood education with fewer tears and an open mind.

Choosing a nursery school that is too far away from home

Choosing a reputed nursery school that everyone recommends will bear no fruit if it is located too far away from home. Nursery school children are very young and are newly learning how to be comfortable around strangers. The whole point of a nursery school is to train children to stay away from their parents for several hours in a day so that they are better prepared for formal education.

It is already stressful for a child to be away from home when they’re as young as 2-3 years old. Don’t make it harder for them by choosing a nursery school that will take you aeons to reach. Try to pick a decent nursery school that is walking distance from home. This way, you can quickly tend to your child and collect them from school as and when the occasion arises.

Applying for a nursery school in the last minute

The seventh and final blunder that you should avoid making is last-minute applications. The waiting list for good nursery schools is far too long to overcome in the final hour.

So make sure that you look for nursery schools and find out their application process a whole one year in advance, so you don’t miss out on an excellent opportunity for your child.

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