7 Tips on How to Plan a Vacation with Grandparents

Traveling with your grandparents can be a truly enriching experience. Not only does it give you a chance to reconnect with them and make lasting memories but also learn from their experience and enjoy their wisdom. 

But planning a multi-generational vacation is not always easy. It requires extensive planning to ensure that the trip is enjoyable for all. Whether it is choosing a destination, planning the activities, or booking the accommodation, everything should be well-thought-out to ensure everyone is happy and satisfied. 

So if you are planning a vacation with your grandparents or just beginning to consider the idea, here are some tips and tricks that you must consider. They will help you avoid multi-generational travel’s common pitfalls and have the best time with your grandparents.

1. Select a destination for everyone

Choosing a destination may be slightly complicated, as every person may have their preferences. The best way to go about it is by having an open discussion with everyone planning to travel. This will help you reach a consensus and pick up a destination that appeals to all. 

Furthermore, you must put in an equal amount of effort in selecting the right accommodation. When traveling with grandparents, you need to factor in things like availability of a lift, easy accessibility of wheelchair or folding mobility scooter, etc. Also, make sure not to book a property with a noisy environment that may trouble the older generation. 

2. Prepare for the flight.

Long flights often get a little tiring and uncomfortable for older family members. So it is advisable to choose a destination that is not very far away. Alternatively, you can break the journey for a better experience. Keep a blanket and neck pillow handy so that your grandparents can rest comfortably. 

You must select your seats in advance to avoid getting stuck in the middle seat between unfamiliar people. Older people need to get up and walk a little every couple of hours, so it’s best to choose aisle seats. 

3. Know your grandparent’s medications

You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a medical emergency when on a trip

So it is a must to know about every medication that your grandparents are taking. Prepare a written list of every medication, along with a list of allergies and potential triggers. You can also keep your family doctor’s contact number handy in case of any unforeseen situation. 

Also, when out of the usual routine, your grandparents might forget to take their medications on time. It is best to set the alarm on your mobile phone to remind them. 

4. Do not overdo it

Planning a very hectic trip with your grandparents is something that will not work out. It is better to space out the activities, with adequate time for meals and rest. You may be very enthusiastic about trying out different activities and exploring new places, but you must also consider your grandparent’s preferences.

If there are disagreements and conflicts, you can split up the group to ease the tautness. It’s fine to separate from the family for a little while and do your thing. 

5. Make special requests at the hotel.

If your grandparents have any special requests, you can call your hotel in advance to check with them. For instance, many older people prefer a hotel room close to the outdoor amenities to cut down on the walking distance. 

If there are any special dietary needs, you can also convey the same to your hotel. You can even check out the hotel dining menu to ensure there are adequate items on the list agree with them. 

6. Check the senior discounts.

Several hotels, airlines, car rentals, etc. offer special discounts for senior citizens, especially those over 65. So to make your trip cost-effective, check with your grandparents if there are any special discounts that they can avail of. 

Alternatively, talk to all your service providers to find out whether your grandparents are eligible for a discount. Every business has its discount policy. So inquiring about the same in advance may help you save on a lot of money. 

7. Have a lot of fun

The whole purpose of planning a vacation with your grandparents is to have fun and make memories for a lifetime. So make sure to spend as much time with them as you can. Plan your itinerary according to your grandparent’s likings and explore new places together. 

Try to forget about all the hassle and commotion during the trip and focus on the good. This will help you make the most of your family time. 

Wrapping Up

The final moments of the trip can often get emotional. To end on a brighter note, you can make rough plans for the next trip. Making the reservations right away is not necessary. Just a casual discussion about another trip together can make saying goodbyes easy. 

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