9 Simple Ways to Look Expensive on Budget

You do not need the latest fashion pieces to look expensive. In fact, you may spend top dollar on clothing and still not look good, especially if you don’t know how to create the perfect outfit from different items. Here are nine tips to guide you when you want to look stylish and expensive, but are on a budget.

1. Start With Good Grooming

Taking good care of yourself goes a long way in giving you a look that stands out. Start by taking good care of your skin by working out, staying hydrated, sleeping enough, and using the right products to protect the skin. A good diet also gives you the perfect natural look so that you never have to hide flaws with a lot of makeup. With the perfect natural look, the clothes you wear will only be an addition to an expensive look.

2. Minimize Makeup

Full makeup only sounds like a good idea if you neglect taking care of your skin. Maintaining your natural beauty with minimal makeup is the easiest way to look expensive. Only use makeup to bring out your best features and not hide flaws that a good night’s sleep could have fixed. If you have to wear makeup, apply it professionally to suit your features.

3. Accessorize Like a Boss

The next time you go shopping, pick a few fine and timeless accessories to match. Even when you are on a budget, you can still afford good-quality accessories. Instead of going for a chest of jewelry for all occasions, choose versatile and timeless pieces, such as a timeless watch, simple tennis bracelet, diamond stud earrings, and many more. You need dainty and minimalist pieces that you can wear every day.

4. Embrace Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are timeless and classy. You may still have some bold items in your wardrobe, but anchor your outfits with bold colors and you will stand out. Go for colors, such as navy blue, white, black, beige, muted green, and gray. You can match these colors with a few bold colors and you will be good to go.

5. Take Good Care of Your Clothes

Presentation is key when you want to look expensive. An inexpensive pair of pants will look good if you press it down nicely and steam it well.  You can find quality and affordable women’s clothing online. Care for your clothes based on their fabric and color so that they will not only last long but also look good. You will avoid the premature aging of good clothes and have that perfect look at all times.

6. Choose Structured Over Oversized Clothes

Oversized clothes are comfortable, and it is tempting to want to feel comfortable in one of those oversized shirts, blouses, pants, and sweaters. However, you can feel as comfortable in good-fitting structured clothes. It is challenging to elevate slouchy fashion items. When you wear a structured piece, you look polished and professional and you bring out that expensive look. You can have one or two slouchy pieces to create a style balance, but that is all.

7. Avoid Branded Pieces and So Many Logos

Having a lot of logos on your clothes will only make you look trendy. Logomania is a fashion trend, but it doesn’t make you look expensive. Instead, having a lot of logos on your clothes will only make you look like a billboard. An expensive look is more professional. As such, go for classic pieces, monochromes, or plaid fabrics that can stand for a universal style.

8. Invest in Natural Fabrics

Some fabrics look luxurious and comfortable while others look cheap. To look expensive, invest in natural fabrics, such as silk, wool, cotton, and linen. These fabrics are not only more comfortable than artificial fabrics, but they also last longer and look luxurious. There are always different types of the above fabrics and blends that make them affordable.

9. Invest in Quality Footwear

Your shoes should stand out no matter what you wear. You need to invest in good quality, timeless, and versatile shoes. When you are on a budget, you need shoes that will match perfectly with several outfits and serve you for many years to come. With a few good pairs, you are good to go.


An expensive look gives you the confidence you need to step out every day. By taking good care of your body, wearing carefully chosen pieces, and avoiding overspending on trends, you will achieve that perfect look without breaking the bank.

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