5 Fun things to do in Ecuador

Are you travelling to Ecuador? Despite being a tiny country, Ecuador offers visitors a wealth of unique experiences. Ecuador has so many amazing things to show that a trip there may last weeks or even months. The most suitable way to land here is by Spirit Airlines ticket  booking from your nearest airport. There are a wide variety of places to explore across the nation due to the enormous diversity of the terrain.

The Galapagos Islands

There is nowhere else on earth like the Galapagos Islands. This island group has not changed in centuries. Visitors will now discover that it is rich with endemic species and unusual fauna. The Galapagos Islands are abundant in nature, both above and below the surface of the water. It cannot be found anywhere.

Unquestionably, one of the best natural destinations in Ecuador to visit is the Galapagos Islands. And vacationers may now reach the renowned islands more efficiently than ever. A vacation to the Galapagos can be accomplished by even those Spirit airlines reservations on a tight budget.

The Amazon River

There are numerous branches of the Amazon River in the Amazon Rainforest. Getting to this distant jungle location requires some effort. But those who do so are rewarded with beautiful moments in the Amazon. You may go piranha fishing, look for pink river dolphins, visit a native shaman, and hunt for anacondas in the Ecuadorian Amazon after booking spirit airlines flight.


There are many volcanoes in this region. And for those who are up for the task, climbing a volcano should be high on their list of things to do in Ecuador. While some of Ecuador’s volcanoes can be reached by day hike, others call for very technical climbing expertise. The following are a few of Ecuador’s most famous volcanoes worth climbing.

Train system

The train systems in Ecuador have to be among the most stunning globally. There are presently six distinct scenic train trips available around the nation. To be clear, these rail excursions are not utilised for travel; instead, they are day outings that constitute a journey in and of themselves. Each of these day tours by train takes travellers on a beautiful journey to an exciting location before returning to the starting place. These lines offer breathtaking views as the trains rumble through the Valley of Volcanoes, farms, or valleys.

El Chorro de Girón Waterfall

This waterfall, which is 70 metres (230 feet) high, descends abruptly from the Andes into a cloud forest. The Giron Waterfall, also known as Cascada El Chorro, may be reached after a short stroll of less than a kilometre via flora-covered trails. You can get this more minor well-known gem from Cuenca. The excursion takes around 1.5 hours, and the entrance fee is $2.

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