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Before booking a flight on British Airways, you should know the British Airways Pet Policy. There are several rules and regulations to follow, but in general, any breed that isn’t registered with PETS (the PETS scheme) will be refused.

In many cases, traveling with your pet can be a rewarding experience. But it’s also important to know that there are some restrictions and requirements.

British Airways Pet Policy

British Airways has a pet policy that allows you to bring your pet on board any of its flights. You must have a carrier that is big enough for your pet, which must fit under the seat in front of you.

There are some restrictions on what breeds of animals can travel with British Airways:

  • Dogs must weigh no more than 32 pounds (14kg) and be no taller than 19 inches (48cm).
  • Cats must weigh no more than 20 pounds (9kg) and be no taller than 17 inches (43cm).
  • Other animals such as rabbits or ferrets must weigh no more than 8 pounds (3.5kg).

Please consider the following points before booking your pet:

Caged birds must be booked in advance and cannot travel with you in the cabin. Please contact our Customer Service team if you need further information on this policy.

If your pet is travelling as freight, it will be loaded into the hold of the aircraft and unloaded once it arrives at its destination airport. If you have any concerns about this, please contact our Customer Service team before booking your flight so that we can try and accommodate your request if possible.

Where can I take my pet?

On flights within the United States, Hawaii, and Canada, you may bring your pet on board as long as it is properly contained in a carrier that meets our requirements (see below). For international flights, contact us for more information.

What size carrier do I need?

Your carrier should be large enough for your animal to stand up, turn around and lie down without touching any part of the side or top of the container. If you’re traveling by car, we recommend using a kennel large enough so that your dog or cat can stand up and walk around comfortably. Please note that animals will not be allowed in overhead compartments on any flight operated by British Airways or Virgin Atlantic Airways.

BA welcomes your dog, cat, or other small animals on board with you. Please note that the following restrictions apply to pets:

  • Only one pet is allowed per customer.
  • Pets must be booked in advance and checked in at the same time as their human companion.
  • Your pet must remain in a travel bag at all times. We will not allow animals out of their bags during the flight.
  • You will need to book your pet into the cabin with you, even if they are traveling in the cargo hold.

British Airways Fees for flying with pets

Traveling with your pet is easy with British Airways. The airline charges between PS800 and PS3500 to transport your dog or cat.

If you are unsure of the costs, you can fill out their online quotation form. This will help you determine the total cost of your pet’s trip.

The cost to fly with your pet will depend on where you’re flying and how many pets you’re planning to transport. Domestic flights cost less than international flight tickets, and puppies and kittens must be ten weeks old. For domestic flights, you’ll have to check in your pet 2 hours before departure.

You’ll need to check in your pet at the IAG Cargo facility a day or two before departure, but be sure to check in your pet a few days in advance.

If you want to travel with your pet, you can book the ticket for yourself and your pet at the same time. Just make sure that there’s at least a 14-day gap between booking and departure.

The airline will then send your pet to its destination via AIG Cargo. If you want to travel with your pet, it’s a good idea to book it well in advance. This way, you won’t have to worry about your pet stowing away at the last minute.

NOTE: It is also possible to fly with your cat or dog for free, depending on the size and weight of the animal.

Types of pets allowed on British Airways flights

British Airways is pleased to offer customers the opportunity to bring their pets on board our flights. However, we do have some restrictions and fees for doing so.

If you choose to bring your pet along with you on your trip, you’ll need to make sure that he or she meets all the requirements of our policy. For example, they must be at least 8 weeks old and weigh no more than 7 kilograms.

If your pet meets these requirements, then he or she can fly in the cabin with you as long as you purchase a ticket for them (and any other passengers). If your pet does not meet our requirements, then he or she will need to travel in cargo instead of the cabin and will not be able to sit with you during the flight.

We also offer a discounted rate for pets that are traveling on their own without an owner. These rates typically range from $50-$150 per trip depending on the length of travel and type of pet being transported (i.e., small dog vs large dog).

British Airways’ pet policy is different from other airlines, so it’s important that you understand the rules. If you’re traveling with a pet and want to book a flight on BA, you’ll need to make sure that you’re aware of their requirements before booking.

The fees for each type of pet are as follows:

  • Small dogs or cats in carriers (maximum 5kg) will cost £95 per flight. This covers your pet’s travel and food.
  • Dogs weighing more than 5kg will cost £125 per flight. The same applies if your dog is not in a carrier, or if they’re too large for carriers (more than 10cm high).
  • Pets over 8 weeks old who aren’t fully vaccinated against rabies will be refused entry into the UK without written proof of vaccination.

British Airways Pet Reservations

Whether you’re traveling to the UK or across the world, you can book flights with British Airways by calling the British Airways Pet Reservations hotline or visiting the airline’s website.

While the airline’s policies on flying with pets vary from country to country, there are some general guidelines you should adhere to. Unlike most airlines, British Airways requires its passengers to provide documentation to prove their pets’ rights and eligibility to fly.

While many airlines accept pets on board, some will only allow certain animals, including service animals and small dogs.

When flying with your pet, make sure to have a current health certificate and fill out a Pet Indemnity Form. If your pet does not pass the PETS check, this form covers the airline.

Remember to secure these forms to your pet’s travel crate to avoid unexpected problems. While the airline’s pet policies vary, it does require that you provide all the proper documentation and provide proof of vaccinations.

You can also use British Airways’ online form to book your pet’s flight as part of your flight. Just be sure to leave a 14-day gap between your booking and your own. This way, your pet can be sure to travel without any mishaps.

Regardless of the reason, you’re guaranteed a safe and stress-free trip! When it comes to flying with your pet, there’s no need to worry. Contact the airline and make your reservations.

British Airways Pet in the Cabin

British Airways has been making headlines with its new pet in the cabin service. The airline will be offering in-cabin pet travel on five routes from London Heathrow, with the first flight taking off on March 1.

The service will be available on direct flights between London and New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as on connecting flights to Miami.

The pets will not be able to travel in the main cabin of the plane where passengers sit, but instead, they will take up space in a designated area at the front of the aircraft.

British Airways is also only offering this option for dogs and cats — other animals are not allowed at all due to health regulations.

The British Airways Pet in the Cabin program allows you to bring your pet on board one of our flights.

Here’s how it works:

  • -You must book your seat for your pet at least 24 hours before your flight departure time and provide a vet document that verifies your dog or cat is healthy enough to travel.
  • -You can only bring one pet per flight, but if you’re traveling with multiple pets, you must book them separately.
  • -Your pet should be at least 8 weeks old, have all its vaccinations and inoculations up to date, and be at least 5 pounds in weight. Your pet will need to be in a carrier that’s appropriate for its size and age while on board; they cannot sit on your lap during take-off or landing.

British Airways Pets in Checked Baggage

British Airways (BA) is a British airline that operates worldwide flights. BA has a policy that allows passengers to travel with their pets in the cabin or as checked baggage, provided there are no other restrictions on the pet’s travel.

BA’s pet policy applies to all domestic and international flights, and the company restricts some breeds of animals from traveling in-cabin due to temperament issues. This is a standard requirement for many airlines across the globe. BA has a list of approved carriers on its website, along with instructions for how to pack your pet’s carrier bag with food and water before checking it into the cargo hold of the aircraft.

British Airways allows you to take your pet on board in the cabin or as checked baggage.

If you’re taking your pet on board, it will need to be in a suitable cage or container and will count towards your cabin baggage allowance.

If you are checking your pet as baggage, it must be in a cage or kennel that can be easily lifted and carried by one person. The cage/kennel must be able to fit through the aircraft’s door and be able to stand upright on the floor of the aircraft without tipping over.

The maximum dimensions of an animal transport container are:

  • Length: 120cm (47in)
  • Width: 60cm (24in)
  • Height: 90cm (35in)

British Airways Pets Guidelines & Restrictions

British Airways welcomes animals as part of its cabin crew. Assistance dogs are allowed on board, provided they are registered and have the necessary travel documents. All animals must be properly trained to understand airline travel rules and regulations.

Service animals are welcome on board but may not fly with their owners if the conditions are too extreme. The following guidelines provide information about the requirements for traveling with pets on board British Airways.

Before traveling with a pet, ensure that it is properly packaged and sized.

The crate must be wide enough to allow the pet’s head to stand upright. There are special rules for the travel of service animals. British airlines permit service animals to travel in the cabin if trained and registered as guide dogs. The dog must be in a safety harness, and owners should always notify the airline in advance.

These restrictions may change from one airport to another. The best solution is to plan your journey per weather conditions in such cases. Consider your pet’s welfare and make the proper arrangements.

British Airways Pet Travel Tips and Tricks

With a British Airways pet carrier, your pet is guaranteed to have the best flight experience.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you make sure your pet has a great time on their flight:

  • Bring a favorite toy or blanket. Your pet will be more comfortable if they have something familiar with them.
  • Bring plenty of water and food. British Airways recommends giving your pet at least one meal before the flight, but you can also bring along treats or extra water in case of an emergency.
  • Use the bathroom before boarding—your pet may need to go before takeoff!


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