Air cooler vs air conditioner

Find how an air cooler and conditioning system attempts to cool your living space to choose the most eco-accommodating alternative for yourself as well as your friends and family.

The two kinds of cooling systems

Both air cooler and air conditioning systems basically do exactly the same thing — produce cool air. The distinction lies in the way they cool the air. Explore air cooler company

Air coolers utilize a fan to blow hot air through a water-splashed cushion. As air goes through the cushion, the water dissipates and cools the air. This cooler air is then recycled through the room.

Air conditioners, then again, work by taking in warm, dampness-rich air and supplanting it with dry, cold air, with the assistance of a compound called a refrigerant. 

Presenting an all the more harmless to the ecosystem Air conditioning System

Air coolers utilize less energy and don’t utilize refrigerants, making them a practical and harmless to the ecosystem option in contrast to conventional air conditioning systems.

Nonetheless, for individuals in damp nations, air coolers may not be the most ideal choice as these make more dampness that adds much greater moistness into the air. Interestingly, forced air systems function admirably in essentially every kind of environment. 

Inverter air conditioners, similar to the Premium Inverter, decrease energy utilization by changing its engine speed once the ideal temperature has been reached. 

Smaller carbon footprint

The Premium Inverter likewise has a more modest carbon impression than customary climate control systems as it utilizes the more eco-accommodating refrigerant, decreasing ozone depleting substance outflows and ozone consumption. The Premium Inverter additionally comes outfitted with nanoe™ Technology, which refreshes the air in your home, represses the development of microscopic organisms and infections, and eliminates residue to establish a cleaner living climate. 

This performing multiple tasks innovation utilizes nano-sized water particles, which convey the microbe killing weapon called hydroxyl (OH) extremists. 

A smarter & easy way to cool your air

Purifies air in your living space: progressive  technology aerates unsavory scents, restrains the development of microscopic organisms and infections, and eliminates minuscule residue particles.

Smart air control: Using simply your cell phone, the comfort cloud application permits you to distantly change constant cooling temperature, further develop the air quality with nanoe™ mode, screen energy use and pre-cool your space to partake in the cool solace of your home in front of your appearance.

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