Amazing Charts Pricing, Reviews and Demo

About Amazing Charts 

In the world of EHR software, Amazing Charts is perhaps one of the most popular names out there. With this software, you can essentially take care of any aspect of your medical practice. The software itself was the idea of a practicing family physician who decided to work on creating something that facilitated medical practices. And since a physician thought of the software, you can imagine that it would have features which matter and actually make a difference. 


In this piece, we will tell you everything that there is to know about Amazing Charts EHR. From Amazing Charts pricing to reviews from what current users think of the software, we will tell you about it all!  

Amazing Charts Features 

E-Prescription Features for your Ease 

Amazing Charts has a great e-prescription feature which essentially makes everything much easier for you and also for your patients. This means that you are able to make prescriptions virtually and send them over to a pharmacy that is most convenient for your patient. This cancels the needs for a patient to come into your practice, make an appointment and get a piece of paper for the medication. All in all, this feature helps not only make things very convenient for you but also for your patients as well. 


The software also looks at any and every harmful drug interaction that might be possible and warns you of these possibilities which again makes things not only simpler for you but also safer for both you and your patients. 

Fits to Your Needs

As a doctor, you probably have a certain way that you are used to doing things. If you introduce a new software to the mix and the software is not compatible with your preferences this could be a major issue since the learning curve might be too great to handle then. However, with Amazing Charts, you get a myriad of features all designed to make things easier for you. With the voice to text feature, your dictated notes can be turned into text documents and stored on your software. 


This means if you have always thrived with dictating your medical patient related notes, then you will not have to change your style because of Amazing Charts. A lot of Amazing Charts reviews talk about how this feature alone is worth the Amazing Charts pricing. 


Centralize your Operations

Managing a medical practice can be incredibly stressful especially if you are managing several different software instead of just one. With Amazing Charts you can easily make sure that you do not have to face this issue because the software has an integration feature that allows for other software to be integrated into your EHR platform. 


So you can look at your billing details, diagnosis, patient history and schedule all in one place since everything is integrated into Amazing Charts and you hence manage everything very easily from one centralized place instead of having to switch between software and causing confusion for yourself and others. 

Customizable Templates for your Ease 

Another feature which several Amazing Charts reviews talk about being worth the Amazing Charts pricing alone are the templates feature which allow for you to be able to choose a template which is most suitable to you and your needs. You can look at the multiple template options and choose whichever you think might be the best one for you.


How having the right clinical template makes the Amazing Charts pricing worth it is by streamlining all your processes and reducing whatever redundancy that was present before for you. 

Patient Portal to Distribute Responsibility 

The last feature which will essentially convince you about how Amazing Charts pricing is worth it is the patient portal that you have access to because of this software. Your patients are able to access a patient portal which lets them schedule their own appointments, look at their billing details, get access to educational content and more. All in all, having the Amazing Charts patient portal means you can reduce the amount of administrative responsibilities on you.


With this feature your patients can schedule and keep up with their own appointments. And at the end of the day, having a reduction in the amount of duties you have is perhaps one of the most important things you could ask for. And this truly makes the Amazing Charts pricing worth it. 

Amazing Charts Reviews and Pricing 

So if you are wondering if the current users of Amazing Charts think the Amazing Charts pricing is worth it then we should tell you that the software has glowing reviews online. And the Amazing Charts pricing varies according to the amount of features you opt for. Essentially, with Amazing Charts pricing you can expect for it to go higher with more access to more features.


Should you Invest in Amazing Charts

At the end of the day, it is up to you whether or not you invest in Amazing Charts or not. But we suggest asking the vendor for an Amazing Charts demo to see whether or not it is worth it. And finally, we hope with all the information we have provided above you are able to decide whether or not Amazing Charts software is right for you or not. This isn’t a small decision but should be made carefully since the Amazing Charts pricing can be steep and hence you should make an informed decision.

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