An Insight into the Best International School in Abu Dhabi

As a parent one always wants the best for their child especially with regards to the school where the child spends a significant part of his/her life. Education plays a prominent part in shaping one’s personality. Apart from being a major cosmopolitan centre, Abu Dhabi boasts of a good educational infrastructure. People who study in the UAE bring with them new experiences and perspectives and they also interact and share these ideas. There is no better way to grow as a person than being in a community of diverse individuals that aids in the child’s overall development. The faculty members teaching at schools in the UAE come from respected educational backgrounds with previous professional experiences. Studying in the UAE provides students a good academic exposure as well as prepares them well for a bright future.

One of the most sought after international schools in Abu Dhabi is ‘Global Indian International School’, known for the quality of education they impart to their students in every corner of the globe. GIIS strives to provide the best learning experience possible for each child and equip them with life skills so that students can thrive in all areas of life. They follow a well-rounded, multi-dimensional approach including a strong emphasis on academics, personal growth, values and service to others.

 Global Indian International School has quickly built its reputation as one of the best international schools in Abu Dhabi. Its global curriculum delivered by outstanding and experienced faculty using world-class facilities helps students aim for excellence in a culture that provides them with infinite possibilities. The institute believes that students’ happiness and their overall well-being is very critical to their success, which is why the programmes have been designed to not only impart academic skills but to groom students holistically so that they can easily tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

 The management at GIIS has been strongly committed to providing quality education and incorporating global best practices when it comes to running efficient school operations. As a result, Global Indian International School has won over 200+ awards and accolades from several organisations of national and international standing. The multicultural environment at an international community school like GIIS helps students develop a strong passion for learning and deep cultural awareness.

Academics and Extracurricular Exposure:

GIIS has a CBSE programme from Grade 1 to Grade 12 which stresses on academic rigour within an environment of holistic development.

The CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi have built-in activities and exercises that promote cross-curricular learning. This is interspersed with the award-winning NINE GEMS (TM) holistic education framework that focuses not only on academic excellence but also active participation in various activities and competitions for personality development. Their interdisciplinary teaching gives students a powerful opportunity to apply knowledge, principles and values to more than one academic subject simultaneously, ensuring that the students get equal exposure to academic, sporting and extracurricular excellence which prepares them to face competitive exams as well as be out-of-the-box thinkers ready to face challenges in the global environment.

 They have a vast range of ECAs and CCAs to appeal to children of all interests and backgrounds. From swimming and Tae-Kwon-Do to clay making and needlework, they have options that will appeal and cater to nearly every student on the campus. With consistent efforts by the school teachers and administrators, events and activities take place that allow the students to feel connected and engaged with the larger international community. These events and activities are avenues for parents, students and educators to come together and enjoy themselves. Not only the students but the parents are also given the chance to engage and be a part of their child’s learning. Parent Engagement programmes allow them to have the experience of GIIS first-hand and when parents become more involved, they are more likely to take a greater interest in the happenings at the school and in their child’s academic and social development.

 The facilities at GIIS Campus are structured and designed to be resource efficient and provide wellness and positive experiences to all stakeholders. A wide spectrum of spaces that ensure an international quality of campus life for students in a multicultural, diverse school environment. The campus has every equipment and space that facilitates and aids the execution of activities and projects by the students.

 Admission Process Overview:

The school term begins in April, and accepts new students throughout the year in the school admission process, provided there are seats available. The admissions counsellors answer any questions you may have about the private school admission process, academic programmes, and extracurricular activities. From kindergarten to secondary school, GIIS always welcomes every new student as a part of their supportive school community.

 Fees Structure:

At GIIS, the fee structure is transparent and at moderate level. Their focus is more on imparting quality education that reaches the maximum number of students and parents at an affordable and comfortable price. They follow an easy to understand fee structure and offer one of the most competitive fee structures in Abu Dhabi.

 Scholarships at GIIS:

 Schools like GIIS even provide financial assistance by providing scholarships to budding athletes amongst them. Getting a berth to receive an education in this niche school is the kind of experience that will shape the perspectives of their students to be in tune with the requirements of the emerging world.

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