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Answering the 3 W’s about Mailer Boxes

With globalization and technological revolution, E-commerce has become a significant business domain. Manufacturers transport their goods worldwide across physical borders. Almost every product you can think of is now just a click away.

However, the major challenge is their safe and secure delivery without any shipping damage. Personlized Mailer packaging boxes are the best solution to this problem. Their usage is rapidly increasing. Therefore, we are presenting you a complete guide about custom mailer boxes.

For the ease of readers, we have segregated the whole information into 3 W’s of customized mailer packaging boxes i.e.,

  1. What are they?
  2. Why do businesses choose them?
  3. From Where can you get them for your products?

Let’s answer the above-mentioned questions one by one.

What are Custom Mailer Boxes?

A mailer box is a packaging made of paperboard or corrugated sheets. These boxes are used for packing and transporting any product. They are also called shipping boxes.

Nowadays, businesses prefer to use custom shipping boxes to suit the requirements of their product. This enables them to choose the best suitable packaging in terms of size, shape, material, design and color.

Why choose Customized Mailer Packaging Boxes?

The next question is: why do businesses go for customized mailer boxes? One can analyze the decision from three major aspects i.e., safe transportation, economic benefits and contribution to environmental sustainability.

Safety Aspect:

The primary benefit of mailer packaging is that they ensure secure transportation. So, the goods are protected from any damage during the way. If the packaging is not secured, the products can become contaminated or broken during distribution.

Custom Shipping Boxes
Custom Mailer Boxes

As a result, the business has to bear additional costs. Apart from this, it may also dissatisfy your customers either due to delayed delivery or because of damaged product.

To avoid this situation, almost all the businesses, whether they deliver locally or internationally,  use mailer boxes for transporting their products.

Economic Aspect:

Another benefit associated with these is that they are a low cost packaging solution. Firstly, wholesale mailer boxes are durable and affordable. Secondly, they save you from damage costs during the product shipping.

Lastly, they can also serve as a tool for strengthening your brand identity. This is because you can print information about your brand on them.

So that the customers know more about you. In this way, you may be able to capture a larger market share with increased sale resulting in higher revenues.

Environmental Aspect:

Lastly, another important advantage of mailer packaging boxes is that they are made of eco-friendly materials. With growing environmental concerns, consumers are now becoming conscious of the ecological footprints of the products they are using.

Thus, businesses are trying to make their processes greener. And custom shipping boxes made of paperboard contribute to greener packaging. Thus, their usage is rapidly increasing.

Where to get Custom Mailer Boxes from?

After reading all the exciting benefits associated with these boxes, you must be thinking about getting them for your products.

So, the next question is from where you can get them. Although many suppliers are there in the market, BCB promises you best quality mailer boxes customized to your own requirements.

Why BCB?

BCB offers you an optimal solution for the distribution function of your goods. We have a wide range of plain mailer boxes in different sizes, shapes and colors. In addition, you can also get these boxes with any print of your choice.

For instance, you can print your brand name or logo on the packaging. Or else, you can mention product or shipping details or any other necessary information on the box. We offer different types of printing services including CMYK, PMS, Digital and Plain (Non-printed).

BCB can customize not only the design, style and shape but also the material for mailer boxes as per your choice.

We manufacture custom shipping boxes from Kraft, cardboard, colored stock and corrugated sheets. So, you can select the material which suits best your product, distribution channels and budget.

Another reason why you would want to choose us over others is the convenience of ordering. At BCB, we try to offer you the best customer service.

Our representatives help you throughout the process starting from selection of the most suitable boxes to order placement and receiving. Also our creative designers help you create the deign of your choice and the taste of your target market.


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