Crafts Birthday Party Ideas

Arts And Crafts Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Are you a parent of a child that enjoys engaged in an artistic project, a crafting party could be the ideal opportunity to celebrate the birthday party of your budding artist.

Craft activities give a party a nice, calm focus, as opposed to parties where kids are hyped up and jumping around all over the place. It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning planning or prepared for the main event but are looking for additional details to make your party complete, these suggestions for a themed birthday party will assist.

Arts and Crafts Idea for Birthday Party

There’s a wide array of projects, mediums tools, materials, and ideas that you can choose from.

  • Painting or finger painting
  • Decoupage projects
  • Create scrapbooking pages
  • Stained glass painting
  • Tie-dye T-shirts or dress
  • Rubber stamping
  • Paper crafts
  • Making ornaments
  • Jewellery making
  • Making masks and decorating
  • Colouring mugs using markers
  • Wooden painting tools, such as jewellery boxes, birdhouses and picture frames

Try to Make Craft Yourself First

Some crafts seem simple enough initially, but they might be a little more complicated or require more time or materials than you initially thought. It is best to identify any potential pitfalls prior to, and not at the time of the crafting event. After that, you can determine the time it takes to complete the steps. And if the directions are complete or if you have some tweaks you could do to help the process go more smoothly. The preparation of a craft in advance of time is well worth the time to make sure that your party is successful.

Arrange an parents Craft Table Too

An extremely enjoyable idea for a kid’s crafting party is inviting parents to let them indulge in their artistic side, too. Some suggestions for adult-oriented craft projects include:

  • Making festive wreaths or wall decorations.
  • Decoupage.
  • Crocheting, knitting, embroidery or needlepoint.
  • Painting wine glasses.
  • Adult colouring pages for adults.

Arrange a Right Place For Arts and Crafts

Think about the location when selecting the craft to be used for an arts and crafts birthday celebration. If the table in your kitchen will work, you can organize the event in your home. If you’re required to make use of tables that fold, perhaps the backyard is ideal or the nearby park.

Think about the possibility of tents or tarps for rain but you can also consider how the equipment will perform in the windy conditions. If you are concerned about space and weather issue, consider other indoor event venues that are able to host your parties, like an event hall, or an art studio.

Decorate the event in DIY fashion

In keeping with the imaginative theme of a crafting party, it just would be appropriate to decorate the event in DIY fashion. Balloons are a classic and fun element of decoration for a birthday party. Dont forget to buy a Party dress from Lalaje Kids clothes online store. Instead of the usual balloons, why not decorate them with a creative flair? You can make them with paint glitter, markers or stickers or sheets of fabric and paper to make them look almost anything, from abstract orbs, to cute creatures.

Alongside the tricked-out balloons, you can also use hand-made paper party banners and food signage. And Also table setting to give your party an arts-and-crafts look.

Finger Foods Snacks and Drinks

They will likely be making and cutting, painting, and slicing and pasting which may not be able to sit down for a food. Foods that are finger-foods, snacks, and drinks that are simple preferably in containers that are spill-proof are your best choice.

Avoid foods with a lot of grease or colour that could cause fingerprints on their work (leave those cheesy orange puffs in the pantry). Tee sandwiches as well as pouch beverages are an excellent option for food items that can be serve during crafting time.

Extra Fun Activities For Craft Party

If crafting only occupies a small part of your time at the party or if your kids are more adept at finishing their work earlier than others. Then you could include some games for your art-themed party waiting to be played. You could opt for some more traditional children’s party games for example, Freeze Dance or musical chairs.

If you’re looking to keep the creative juices going, you should consider the idea of setting up a freestyle art or crafts area. Place the table with a mix of crafts that they can use to make whatever they want.


Craft parties eliminate the need to buy favours as children are able to take their work to home. It is a great idea to wrap the crafts in presents or put them into gorgeous gift bags, giving you the experience of bringing home a personal present that they designed for themselves.

Finger painting is a lovely freestyle craft activity for toddlers. Sewing kit kits similar to these socks craft kits are great for kids age 4 and up. The art of making ornaments is an excellent activity for teens particularly if it’s an awesome ornament they could create to decorate their bedroom.

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