4 Best Mobile Graphic Design Apps

Without a doubt, smartphones have simplified everyone’s lives. Smartphones are now the most crucial aspect of human life. It is a remarkable achievement in the evolution of the mobile phone industry. With over 3 billion smartphone users worldwide, manufacturers are focusing on making devices that are more capable than ever before.

Everything is possible with a smartphone. You can design graphics on your Android phone using a graphic design app and perform daily tasks that previously required laptops. You can develop strategies, prepare presentations, and perform other jobs necessary for any business.

Aside from that, Android has been a boon to graphic designers, with a plethora of free graphic design apps for Android available on the Google Play Store. All you have to do is download free graphic design apps for Android and start creating graphics for your company.

Today, we’ll look at some of the best graphic-designing mobile apps. You can get such an app from the leading Mobile app development company.

  • Canva
  • Infinite Design
  • Adobe Illustrator Draw
  • Sketchbook


Although not necessary for professionals, it is a well-known graphic design app popular among amateur designers. Furthermore, this is available for users of multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and the web. It’s a top-rated graphic design app for Android devices. It’s a highly user-friendly app.

Regardless of your technical background, you can use this app on the go to create stunning designs. Furthermore, Canva allows inviting others to edit and design with you, which is a pretty cool feature to consider when using Canva. 

Canva allows you to create almost anything: logos, posters, business cards, flyers, presentations, resumes, etc.

You can also upgrade to a premium account for additional features and graphics. You can access the same account via the website and the Android app. 

Infinite Design

This Android-only app is one of the best graphic design apps. Infinite Design was one of the first apps primarily focused on graphic design. Similarly, it has several tools for editing almost any angle. 

This app can also instantly generate vector images. Layouts that allow you to access SVG files by simply importing them into your Infinite Design mobile app. 

Furthermore, this app, like eminent PC editing applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator, has its pen tool. Additionally, a streamlined interface that allows you to organize quickly.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

As the name implies, this is one of the best apps for illustrators, a complete package. This app is free. You can use this app in conjunction with other programs.

This graphic design app is an excellent choice if you intend to draw a vector. This app has a simple user interface and is a great alternative to other graphic design mobile apps.

The Adobe Illustrator Draw app makes it extremely simple to create stunning watercolors. More importantly, you can quickly send present designs from a mobile app to Illustrator on your computer, which is a fantastic feature.

Overall, it’s a fantastic tool. This graphics designer’s best features include the ability to make changes to each layer individually, zoom up to 64x, and so on.


You can now draw sketches directly on your smartphone. There is no longer a need for laptops or computers. Along with brushes and pencils, it has a plethora of features. Furthermore, detailed illustrations and drawings can assist you in creating eye-catching designs. 

Furthermore, it has an elegant user interface and a natural drawing experience.

The idea behind this app is to allow users to draw sketches on their Android phones, but it could be easy. Drawing sketches on Android phones becomes more difficult without a stylus.

Furthermore, highly customizable tools draw more attention to a professional-grade feature set, which can undoubtedly unleash your creativity. 


The rapid advancement of technology, particularly in mobile apps, has granted us the opportunity to embed any functionality into our handheld devices, which is quite soothing and impressive to take our designing tasks anywhere with the help of graphic design mobile apps.

Ideas appear to come from anywhere, any time; capturing them at that precise moment is the best choice. That is why having a similar design app is unquestionably a fantastic idea. There is an app for everything, from logo design software to organizing and scanning tools. 

Hopefully, this article accomplished its goal of providing you with the four best mobile apps for graphic design to help you improve your branding.

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