Breakfast for Kids

Breakfast Ideas That Kids Will Actually Eat

To get the day off to a good start, it’s crucial that kids, especially those in elementary school, eat a nutritious breakfast. Kids need a hearty breakfast to keep them going until lunch. To ensure their children have plenty of energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead, mothers in the subcontinent make a breakfast that is both delicious and healthy.

So, to cater to today’s busy parents, here are some easy, nutritious breakfast ideas that kids will love. Start your day off properly with one of these easy and healthy breakfast recipes, such poha, frozen paratha, idli, or museli.

Breakfast Upma.

Almost every home has a tried-and-true recipe for Upma, a South Indian dish that is a staple breakfast food. It’s a simple recipe that takes little time to make and calls for only pantry staples. Carrots, potatoes, beans, and peas are just some examples of prepared vegetables that would go well with the semolina and boost the dish’s nutritional value and flavor. Children love this filling when served hot and inverted.

Toast, and cover with tomato and spinach spread.

On top of whole wheat bread, put some healthy tomato spread and top it with a filling made of spinach and sprouts. Breakfast should consist of a low-cholesterol delight for adults and a nutritious, vitamin-rich meal for kids.

Cereals that provide a quick burst of energy.

Homemade ones are more wholesome and delicious than store-bought ones. Therefore, why not attempt creating muesli in your own kitchen? They’re a tasty treat for kids because they’re crunchy, sweet, and packed with dried fruit. Cereals like these are an excellent source of antioxidants, which can help protect against illness and environmental toxins while also giving you the energy you need to get through the day. These cereals include wheat germ, oats, sunflower seeds, a variety of nuts, and even sesame seeds.

Mung-bean sprout dosa.

Your kid will go crazy for them if he or she enjoys vegetarian wraps and snacks. The protein, iron, and calcium content of this dish are all above average. You may make a delightful new dish by combining the remaining sprouts with cabbage, carrots, and other veggies and seasoning it with chaat masala. To make the meal, add enough water to the sprouts to make a porridge-like consistency. Then, stir the rice flour and salt together thoroughly so that no lumps form. Dosa-like paste should be made. The filling for the dosas requires that all the vegetables be roasted.

Peppers with corn Tikki.

Corn with chiles make for a tasty appetizer. Look at how well the flavors and textures work together. Corn has a sweet and luscious texture, while chilies provide a crisp and spicy flavor. These are a great option for a wholesome morning meal to get your kid off to a good start. Without adding any liquid, puree the corn in a blender before adding the spices, flour, and salt. Put everything in a blender and mix until smooth. Form into tikkis. The best way to eat them is fried, with a side of green chutney.

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