Classifications of Graphic Design

Video Animation


Graphic designing and video animation are new trends in digital art and are widely used in approximately every digital field nowadays. Graphic design is the solution to problems and provides information with visual representation. It is a vast field that includes various design skills and techniques.

When it comes to graphic design, there must be a misunderstanding among many people. Graphic design is only for planes. It is only a 2D design. Usually, it is nothing more than designing logos and posters. In fact, graphic design is more about using graphic elements to solve or express practical problems, rather than simple two-dimensional space design. This article will share 6 common graphic design types, let’s enjoy this visual feast together

Visual identity design is one of the most common types of design. Brand identity is a way for a company to convey product personality and positioning. Visual identity graphic design is the visual element of brand identity.

Visual graphic design uses elements such as images, shapes, and colors to convey the essential characteristics of a product to users. In this sense, visual graphic design is the face of a product.

Required Skills for Visual Graphic Designers: A comprehensive knowledge of design is necessary to create design elements for all visual media.

Marketing and advertising graphic design & video animation

Graphic designing & video animation are significant for the marketing of products and for advertising products. Product marketing graphics are designed by keeping the product type, the potential audience, and the cause it serves in the market in mind. Putting visual effects and graphic design in the advertisement makes it more attractive and attention garbing. This field of graphic design is helpful for beginners which makes them quickly learn and work with the products.

User interface design

A UI or user interface is a medium through which a user interacts with the device or the application. The user interface is anything responsible for user interaction. Using Graphic design in the user interface will make it more interactive and attractive as it will provide ease for the user in terms of the user’s visual experience. With the help of graphic designing, you can create buttons, menus, and icons.

Web design

Web design is mainly responsible for the art design of web pages, or web page layout design, which is in great demand for web design. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to aesthetics, and their requirements are getting higher and higher.

Whether it is a portal website or an enterprise website, more and more individuals or companies use online soft wares to make entire websites, because websites that have good aesthetics are more interactive and attractive.

Logo design

Logos are also called logos and trademarks, commonly known in English as LOGO (logo), which is a product of the modern economy and a symbolic mass communication symbol. Thinking skills such as association to convey specific information.

The logo fixes concrete things, events, scenes, and abstract spirit, ideas, and directions through special graphics, enabling people to see the logo of LOGO, they will naturally associate and then agree with the enterprise.

Book design

Book design is the binding and packaging design of books. The design process includes the analysis of the form and communication effect of the book before printing, during printing, and after printing.

Book design refers to the overall design of the book, which includes many contents, among which the cover, title page, and illustration design are the three main design elements. Specifically, it refers to the folio, font, layout, illustrations, cover, jacket, and prior art design of paper, printing, binding, and materials. The overall design from manuscript to finished book is called binding design.

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