Track Employee with Computer Monitoring Software

Due to advancements in technology where things have become too easy to deal with there are also problems that arise due to it. Stealing at a workplace has become so common these days. According to report

  • Almost 40 % of the employees were caught stealing their employer’s things at a workplace. Cases of theft that last for more than 10 years resulted in a $5.4 million loss on an average basis. 
  • Different types of thefts have been reported so far. Some people steal office supplies and according to U.S. statistics, it is about 52 %. Time abuse constitutes about 30 %. Theft of an organization’s intelligence counts as 18 % and other minor types include 32 %. 

There can be different reasons for it. Maybe your employee is facing some financial crisis or they feel inferiority complex from their co-workers and try to put their reputation down. They can be unfaithful to you or maybe they are friends with the other corporate’s boss. Reason can be any of them but dishonesty is not acceptable and such persons can’t be trusted at any step in the business organizations. 

It is impossible to run the company alone and do all the work on your own so, you have to trust your employees while keeping your eyes open all the time. So, surveillance at the offices or organizations is mandatory. It is the only way to keep the staff alert and to ensure their work efficiency. Most employers wish to have some sort of digital tool that can track their employee’s internet history and give them reports of all the day. In case they are stealing company’s, intelligence or sending important documents to someone else they will get caught immediately. OgyMogy introduces several spy features that will help you detect your employee’s performance throughout the day.

Checkout Their Internet History

Check out their browsing history and know about the amount of time they are wasting in surfing different websites that are not even related to work. You can also check with this amazing software that if they are in contact with the other agencies that are against your company and want to destroy its reputation.

Get Live Recordings Of The Surround

The OgyMogy Computer Monitoring software provides you with live recordings of the audios or sounds happening in the surrounds of a targeted device. This way if any of your hidden unfaithful employees are plotting against your corporate and trying to destroy its image then you can handle them. You will have the record of all the audios and you can use this a proof on time.

Get Live Screenshots Of Their Desktop/Laptop

Any activity of your employee is not getting ignored now by this best employee monitoring software. You can have the screenshots of every activity performed by them on their computers. Whether they are wasting their time playing games or they are busy having video calls with their dear ones on Skype in your absence you can detect it very well with proof. Moreover, if they are sending your company’s important data to someone else, you can catch them red-handed.

Keep An Eye On Their Social Media

The hidden Computer Monitoring software provides you a complete check of your employee’s social media usage. You can now calculate the actual number of hours they are spending doing chit-chat and conversations with friends and family and not doing their responsibilities well. Major diversions in the form of Twitter, Facebook, Skype, YouTube and WhatsApp can be monitored with an, Facebook spy app, Skype spy app, twitter spy and WhatsApp spy respectively.

Surveillance Of Emails And Other Conversations

The outstanding tool provides you a complete check on the emails your employee is sending to or receiving from someone. A betrayer in your company can cause you an irreparable amount of damage if you didn’t catch him on time. Betrayal can be in any form. Maybe they are leaking the company’s important information to other parties through emails or maybe they are receiving some mails in the form of codes from your hidden enemy to plot something against you and your corporate. To avoid all these situations, get this software installed now.

To stop employee theft OgyMogy provides you the best tool ever which you can get easily on a weekly or monthly basis.

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