The Benefits of Discovering Website’s Hidden Ranks

If you have been doing some SEO work, there is a probability that hundreds or thousands of undiscovered ranked keywords are in top 100 positions on various search engines. However, these hidden ranks are often neglected, despite holding huge potential for your pages. The main reason for the negligence is the lack of awareness. In this post, we look closely at the hidden links and the benefits of discovering them.

What are Hidden Ranks?

Hidden Ranks are keywords ranking in the top 100 positions for your site, but you are not aware of them. They are keywords that you never promoted directly but hold huge potential to driving high-quality organic traffic. Because they run under your radar, the potential traffic is unfulfilled. In fact, some of the current traffic could be from the hidden ranking keywords. If you can identify these keywords, it will be very easy to boost their ranking and get more.

How Hidden Ranks Come About

The main cause of hidden ranks is a side effect of search engine processes. Every time that you run organic SEO campaigns targeting to promote specific keywords, there is also some influence on other related keywords. The related keywords float and progress upwards reaching top 100 or top 50 shores in various search engines. Think of a scenario where a business runs a campaign to promote birthday cakes. However, related keyword birthday cake decorations get positively influenced and top ranking. You need to discover this keyword and enjoy all the top-ranking benefits that come with it.

Discovering The Hidden Ranks

While you can manually search for these keywords or accidentally stumble upon them by chance, the recommended method is using the right tools. Ranking Discovery Tool is recommended by most SEO services because of its effectiveness in generating results faster and helping users realize the full benefits of hidden ranks.

The tool is very easy to use and comes with a free PRT’S SERP tracker. All you have to do is adding the respective website’s URL to get all the 100 ranked keywords generated. It operates through reverse engineering the entire research process and keeps getting better as search engines improve.  Once you have discovered the hidden top ranking keywords, it is time to start promoting them so that they move further up to the best top 10 positions.

Benefits of Discovering The Hidden Ranks using The Ranking Discovery Tool

  • Because the keywords are already in the loop (game), it will be very easy to promote them compared to working on new ones from scratch.
  • The hidden ranks help to bring value to future potential clients. If you are working with new clients, showing them the keywords that can help them rank higher will help you to win their trust.
  • The ranks help businesses surpass or edge closer to their targets. If you were targeting a specific quantity of traffic, click through rates, or other metrics, discovering the hidden ranks will help you edge closer to the objective.
  • Using the ranking discovery tool, you can easily spy on other sites. You can follow them by adding their URL to establish what they ranked for.

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