Does Acne Treatment Helps To Clear The Spots?

If your skin is prone to acne, then it must leave dark spots on your face. These dark spots are really annoying and stubborn as they are rarely demolished. However, if you seek a home-based acne treatment, it might not deliver the expected outcomes. Hence, it is not size fit all cure, so it can produce varying results. Undoubtedly, there are numerous products like creams and antibiotics available in the market. They can work well to reduce the acne marks on the skin. But, sometimes does not work according to the type of skin. So, in such a situation, it is beneficial to consult with a cosmetic surgeon to address the issue.

Here is a list of some useful treatments to cure acne and dark spots

Light therapy

There are multiple reasons that can cause acne. It is a condition that could make you feel embarrassing, especially when you are on a special occasion. Well, the redness and swelling caused by acne are due to bacteria that can be killed. Light therapy could prove beneficial when it comes to dealing with such problems. Your cosmetic surgeon might apply some medication to the skin to make it more sensitive to light. Usually, the treatment is executed with pulsed light and heat energy that can shrink oil glands. It will avert your skin from generating extra oil.

Chemical peels

If your skin is infected with a mild acne problem, then it can be cured using chemical peels. It is a useful treatment that helps in reducing fine lines, facial scars, and tanning, etc. You cannot get this treatment with a DIY approach as only a qualified dermatologist could provide you with one. The surgeon would apply the mild chemical to your skin that can unclog pores to remove dead skin cells and dust. You can also get rid of white and blackheads from this acne treatment. It can also promote the growth of new skin cells, but you may have to visit the dermatologist for multiple sessions. However, there are some side effects too that could occur with a chemical peel. For best outcomes, you must schedule an initial consultation before the treatment with your cosmetic surgeon.

Steroid injections

The steroid has medicinal properties to treat acne very well. It can target the lumps beneath the skin to get cleaned. The application of steroid injections directly to the skin can flat the lumps, decrease pain, and makes skin clear. But there are possible side effects such as thinning of the skin and uneven skin tone. However, steroid injections cannot be used as a permanent treatment for acne due to their side effects. But, the results they often produce are genuine and longer.

Topical and antibiotics

If the acnes are mild to moderate, then they can be treated effectively using topical and antibiotics. There are several cleansers and lotions available over the counter that can be applied directly to acne. These lotions might work to reduce the size of acne and can also diminish the acne scars on the skin. There are also antibiotic pills that you can take orally. These pills could work to clean your blood and can decrease the degree of pain, inflammation, and redness due to acne. However, it is necessary to consult with the specialist before using topical and antibiotic pills.

The Final Summary

Acne treatment can produce expected results when taken from a qualified dermatologist. It is a problem that could result in hormonal changes, so needed to be cured carefully. You can consult with a Beverly Hills Med Spa dermatologist.

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