Five Custom Packaging Tricks to Boost your E-commerce Sales

It is not always that customers count the brand’s advantages based solely on the items it offers. More often than not, custom packaging is touted as the foremost brand value component. Here we will discuss the upcoming changes in the e-commerce markets and how the packaging must keep with them.

Have you ever heard of customer satisfaction? If you aim to stay longer as an e-seller then gaining a decent level of customer happiness is a must.

This customer satisfaction grade isn’t only dependent on how functional the shipped products are but also how well they appear. The e-commerce sector is in its best phase yet. The sales levels are preceding previous figures and the industry is only slated for further growth.

One of the catalysts for this massive surge in e-commerce activities is customers’ expanding appetite for online shopping. However, while they may not physically visit the stores, they are still looking for a fascinating shopping experience through the shipment they receive.

One of the things that leave a mark is your packaging. it plays multiple roles but recently the unboxing significance is gaining momentum. The boxes are capable of being customized to give buyers the precise purchase satisfaction they are looking for.

Let’s see how your brand can uplift its identity while maintaining and elevating the brand appeal.

Outstanding trends in the markets

Like e-brands always upgrade their marketing tools, similarly, they must also keep up with the current packaging trends to refresh their brand image. Customers don’t want to see their orders arriving in outdated boxes that don’t gel with their expectations and tastes.

Numerous trends are circulating in the markets but only some are worth investing in. it is your job to follow the ones that really make a strong brand statement via resonating with current customer preferences.

We present to you our list of some sought-after present packaging designs.

  1. Regulated box sizes

The present norm is to cut down carbon footprints and wastages. While it saves resources for businesses, it has emerged as a necessary tool for customer satisfaction.

The process involves reducing the box dimensions to fit perfectly with the products. This can be done either by crafting the right sized boxes or using creative shapes. The right box measurements keep the products in good form and allure customers at the same time.

Moreover, e-brands are now utilizing less box fillings that are harmful to the environment by compensating them for eco-friendly thicker box cuts and/ or paper fillings.

Other box components like custom trays made out of cardboard or foam are also very popular. They are particularly used to package the whole product’s parts in one box. Customers are quick to notice ethical brand behaviors and consider them for future orders too.

  1. Room for better marketing content

The language of branding has evolved over time. Today, it is more about being straightforward about the messages than using a lot of texts.

Customers want to get the maximum brand details in a short scan of the packaging. They don’t want to spend eons reading the content. This is why most modern e-commerce custom packaging comes with a combination of graphics and minimal typography.

Your brand can state the social media handles and website portals so customers can visit them for more brand info. This would keep the box appeal simple yet chic. The use of monotone colors is also a good way to appear modern and sustain long-term customer satisfaction.

custom packaging

  1. Observe latest topics

Sometimes imbibing the current viral topics can help to stimulate sales growth. Nike recently sparked a debate on women’s rights issues. It not only reflected on its online portals but also relevant hashtags were placed on its boxes to attract attention.

It is a good form of spreading brand awareness and increasing traffic on social media accounts. This helps to attach responsible vibes to the brand image and culminates into enhanced customer loyalty.

  1. Self-locking box designs

The trends don’t stop on the box content, it goes beyond that to engulf the box shapes too. Certain boxes forms like gable boxes and self-locking custom printed shipping boxes are becoming exceedingly popular.

Innovative locks keep even the most fragile products secure. Many e-brands invest heavily in maintaining safe shipping boxes. Protecting these boxes with extra laminations and coatings keeps them scratch and water-resistant.

This is part of providing a memorable unboxing experience. Quirky and mysterious box shapes are fun to open and customers retain the experience for placing future orders too. Each box flap can be used to convey personalized notes to consumers. These are highly valued these days. You can also consider mentioning the name of customers along with other custom accessories.

  1. Printing symmetric designs

As with the texts, the graphics, patterns, and textures are more about straight lines now. E-brands are opting for symmetric shapes that customers find easy to understand. They don’t take up much room on the boxes and go well with the minimalistic trend.

Additionally, the boxes are printed with single-color backgrounds that aren’t too smudgy. The whole point is to give the boxes a real and edgy look. It is a contrast to previously supporting a mix of colors and too many expressions on the e-commerce packaging.

Once the customers are convinced of the boxes, they organically trust the brand for future orders. It is a mandatory business trait for e-brands. The first customer contact counts and modern customized boxes help to impart memorable brand values and pleasant aesthetics. Being in the e-commerce business, it is essential that your customers swear by your branded custom packaging.


Designing the boxes with several modern trends is a productive way of adding more value to your products and brand image. Graceful and contemporary box features are sure to be a winner!

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