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Great Ideas To Make Money As A Student!

There is so much advice these days about making money online that it can be quite overwhelming, especially if you are new to the idea. The problem with most of the information out there concerning this subject is that they all promise the world without telling you that it’s only a small percentage of people that will make it.

Ideas such as Fulfilled by Amazon businesses and affiliate marketing are business models that take considerable upfront investment, rather than the online earnings that you want now. This is why we have created this post, to show you exactly how you can make money online starting today while still at campus.

The ideas that we put forward within this post require zero upfront cost and realistically, you can be making money from these ideas within 24-hours. Read on and enjoy.


This is our first recommended method, although there is a catch to this one since you will need some sort of marketable skill to start making reasonable money. There are so many freelancing sites out there such as Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, and many others that you can sign up on for free and start bidding on projects. These sites take a small commission in return for making sure you get paid for your work and this is a great way to start. The only problem with being completely new on these portals is that you won’t have any track record at the beginning, so you will need to try and catch a client early on to build up your portfolio. If you have recommendations of clients from other freelancers or you see that the site has a well established online reputation,  you can contact websites directly offer Links building services  your services as a blog writer, graphic designer, webmaster, etc.

Some industries, like the online gaming industry as well as fitness and health, are usually always looking for writers. Very often they have a career page describing the type of job they need. You don’t need any previous experience but web owners usually look for writers that know a bit about the industry, their products or services so make sure to mention your hobbies and interests even if you don’t think they may be relevant. You may not think being a Fortnite player is something to mention when you look for a job but if you look at the, they actually mention this as an advantage. As a general rule, rather include than exclude when it comes to the skills and knowledge fields that you have.


Taking online surveys really is a way that you can start making money instantly. Yes, the rewards are not going to be enormous by taking online surveys, but the fact that you do not need anything more than a little bit of time to make money with this method is extremely appealing.

There are dozens of online survey sites in today’s market, and again, you can create a profile without spending any money. You will start being invited to take surveys and be paid for giving your opinion. We can’t think of many easier ways to make money than that!

Platforms such as Swagbucks are a great place to start making money through this method, and those guys even have an app for you to download. This means that you could be taking the train to work and be making money straight from your smartphone, which is surely better than wasting your commute watching Netflix!

Remote Job Sites

This idea is similar to online freelancing, however, the barriers to entry are definitely much lower. Through remote job sites, you do not need to even establish a personal profile, you can just sign up to your preferred site and start applying for remote jobs immediately.

Once again, this costs you absolutely nothing to do and it is something that you could set up within just a few minutes. We would highly recommend checking out platforms such as Appen and Lionbridge to find some of the best paid remote jobs available.

Please don’t worry about not having the skills to do this, for many of these platforms provide on-the-job training, and it can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Assistant

This category is designed specifically for people who are skilled in administrative tasks and are willing to help a client remotely. Basically, you may find virtual assistant positions advertised on an online platform, and you may need to help them with email response, schedule management, and possibly take the odd call or two on behalf of the client.

The best thing about virtual assistant positions is that there are plenty of part-time options out there, so if you don’t feel like having a full-time gig, it is very possible to land one of these virtual assistant jobs.

Other Jobs Near You

This is a bit of a miscellaneous category but stay with us, because you can make some good money through taking on random jobs close to where you live.

For example, there are apps that you can download where you can accept a job that requires you to go and take pictures of a storefront, or a particular food section in a supermarket. Applications such as Easy Shift have completely revolutionized the game by launching ‘odd job’ platforms as we’ve just described, and they don’t charge you a dime to sign up.

You can ever get paid to take photos of job applications, or to be a mystery shopper and report your findings – the possibilities are endless. A quick Google search will reveal more than you could possibly imagine for this category!

From here it’s all up to you! With any of these jobs, you will be able to make a good income without having to compromise on your studies!

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