What Is Hair Botox Treatment & How Safe Is It for You?

We are aware of anti-aging Botox treatment for skin which is performed by Botulinum toxin A. It is an FDA-approved medication that cosmetic experts use to even out fine lines and wrinkles. But do you know about hair Botox?

In this article, we are going to talk about hair botox. Just like our skin, our scalp also loses its elasticity and volume of hair. Similar to our skin, hair care products companies also market their products as hair Botox for hair. It is because these kinds of products fill the scalp with hair, eliminate detangles, reduce frizz, and make it smoother.

Does Botox for hair contain Botox?

Hair Botox does not contain Botulinum toxin, the neuromodulator which is the prime component of Botox. It takes the name based on how the products function. Skin Botox functions by relaxing the target muscle and softening fine lines. Hair Botox functions by filling the individual fibres of each tress to provide fullness and volume. The effect is smooth, lustrous, voluminous healthy-looking hair.

How does hair Botox function?

Hair Botox is basically a hydrating and deep conditioning treatment that coats each hair fibre just like =keratin filler. The treatment effectively fills broken or detangled parts of each tress to make your hair look healthy, lustrous, as well as denser. The ingredient of the hair Botox depends on the clinic and which brand you are using. For example, L’oreal professionals use intra-cylane to coat each hair strand, which creates a fuller-looking appearance and looks very smooth and manageable. Another famous Hair Botox product is Majestic Hair Botox which is prepared by the blending of Caviar oil, BONT-L peptide, Vitamin B-5, Vitamin E, and collagen complex

Who can use Botox for hair?

Hair Botox can be applied for the individual who has split ends, damaged hair, thinning of hair with lack of volume, having no lustre, frizzy and damaged hair, or individual who wants to straighten your hair. Botox is a considerably safe treatment and is applicable for all kinds of hair.

What happens during the application?

Hair Botox is not an injectable procedure. Don’t worry about the pain. Instead, Hair Botox is a deep conditioning component which directly applied to each tress of your hair. You can do it from a professional salon or purchase the product of your preferable brand and apply it at your home. The treatment starts with a shampoo to open the hair cuticles and readies the strands for deep conditioning. The hair Botox then coat into each hair tress by massaging the products from root to tip. The treatment is kept between 10 to 90 minutes, depending upon the roughness of the hair condition.

A few beauticians might decide to flush out the hair botox product before drying and fixing your hair with a straight iron. other beauticians might leave the product on your hair while they dry and fix your hair to help the product completely enter your hair strands, and hydrates well,

How much does hair Botox cost?

The cost of the hair Botox treatment ranges from $150-$300, and it can go above. It depends upon which brand you are choosing and what are the components of the product. If you go to a salon, then taxes and other charges will be included. The packages depend on the geographic location. If you are going to the salon, then ask about the total expenses before making the appointment.

How effective is the Botox treatment?

Hair Botox has gained its popularity quite similar to skin Botox. The result varies from patient to patient and texture of hair. For assured results, we suggest you choose a trusted salon of your location and ask an experienced hairstylist for professional guidance. In the reputed salon, Hair experts purchase products from verified sellers, so you can expect assured results without any damage. The effect of hair Botox lasts up to four months, though it is not possible to mention the exact time frame. The staying power of the treatment varies from person to person along with their personal care regime. Haircare experts always suggest using Sulphate-free, SLS free shampoo to retain the aftereffect of hair botox.

Is hair Botox safe?

Yes, using hair Botox is completely safe when you use good quality Botox products. However, there will be a chance of skin irritation and allergic reaction. To decrease the likelihood of negative effects, the hair Botox product should not contact your eyes.

Hair Botox VS keratin which is a good option for you?

Keratin treatment contains loads of chemicals, including formaldehyde. The formaldehyde usually locks and freeze each hair strand and makes your hair straight. But there are lots of side effects. Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic chemical, so it is not suitable for skin and hair. On the other hand, Botox is the conditioning treatment with no use of formaldehyde. Thus Hair Botox is better than keratin treatment.

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