11 Fun and Healthy Activities for the Whole Family

Physical activity is of great importance for everyone’s overall health and mental health. That is why it’s important to keep the whole family physically active at all times. Here are fun ways you can encourage your family to engage in fun exercises at home. 

Go on a treasure hunt

One of the best family activities that you can try with your kids is definitely going on a treasure hunt. Not only is this activity fun, but it’s also very educational. You’ll be teaching your kids all they need to know about effective teamwork, trust, as well as problem-solving methods. If you have a large enough backyard you can do this at home too. However, if you want to go someplace else, you can always go to the local park and organise your treasure hunt there. Explore the park and nature with your kids on a sunny day all while solving an interactive “puzzle” and playing a game that will bring you all closer together. 

Plan 10-minute spurts of activity followed by 5-minute breaks

This one is especially important if you have small kids. It’s important that you don’t force them to engage in activities that are too long and tiring for them. Studies show that if you force your kids to participate in adult and structured exercises early in childhood they will grow to avoid exercise all together later in their life. 

Children’s bodies are made for those quick sprouts of activities and then they need to rest for a few minutes and get back to playing again. Their attention span is not that long and they are easily distracted. So make sure to keep them fully occupied for about ten minutes and then let them rest for five minutes before going back to exercising. 

 Train for school fitness tests as a family

Get informed about what activities and fitness tests your chid is required to do in their physical education class. Then, try to incorporate those exercises in your at-home activities. Not only will this hep you child pass their class tests, but it will also teach them the importance of physical activity. They need to learn that physical activity is not just some “inconvenience” and an obligation at school. Teach them that physical activity is good for both their physical and mental health. Apart from that, staying physically active can be fun. Allow your child to explore the world of sports at a young age. They may fall in love with volleyball or any other sport. They may even end up finding their passion and life calling. 

Play follow-the-leader

If you played this game as a child, you probably get the gist of it. Follow the leader is a fun interactive game and every family member can get involved. You can make different rules and make the followers move through the space via hopping, crawling, skipping, running and so on. Make sure that every child gets their turn to be the leader. You’re teaching them how to be creative this way and they’ll stay physically active. 

Find some family-friendly aerobics workouts for rainy days 

When days are cold and it’s raining, it’s good to still have some options at hand. You can look for some low impact exercises that can be done in the comfort of your home. These exercises can be fun and they will keep the family occupied on those rainy days when you can’t go outside. 

Go for a bike ride in nature

On the other hand, when it’s sunny and warm, it’s always a good choice to go exploring nature with your kids. For instance, you can gather the whole family for the weekend and go biking together. Not only are your kids exercising and staying physically active this way but they’re also learning to stay in touch with nature. Biking is a great exercise both for the kids’ physical and mental health.  Make sure your kids are equipped with high-quality kids bikes, some protective helmets, and bottles of water and you’re ready for an adventure. 

Do yard work together

There are so many things that can be done around the backyard. There’s always some raking to be done. You need to regularly pull the weeds and water your plants too. You can teach your kids how to take care of the garden and turn this into a weekly activity. There are numerous activities in the garden that can be fun for kids to do and learn about. Teach them how to rake the leaves and then once you’re done they can jump into them. 

Do the indoor chores with your kids

Younger kids often find it entertaining when they help their parents around their house. It makes them feel included. So make sure to let them help you wash the dishes or clean the house when they show interest about it. Teach them that doing house chores is important. They need to create a sense of responsibility towards the home they live in. Not only is this a great physical activity, but it also teaches your kids to be responsible. Don’t forget to participate in these activities with them. 

Take a hike at least twice a month

Every once in a while, like at least once or twice a month, you can go hiking with your kids. Gather the whole family and pack for the trip. Make sure you have everything you could possibly need for a longer hike. Bring a sufficient amount of food and water. Also, bring a first aid kit and flashlights. 

This can be a fun activity for the whole family. You get to explore nature and the area in which you live. Also, you’re teaching your kids how to get around and take care of themselves in nature. Your kids can learn all about the flora and fauna as you hike. Apart from that, hiking is a great physical activity. It has many great mental health benefits.

Sign up for a race

You can sign up for a race or walk a marathon. The whole family can participate. A lot of events like these are usually organised for the purpose of raising charity. So not only are your kids staying physically active, but they’re also doing it for a good cause. 

Play volleyball once a week in warm weather

Use nice weather as a great reason to play some volleyball in the backyard with your kids every once in a while. Apart from the fact that it’s a fun sport, it’s also a great sport for teaching your kids teamwork. All you need is to set up a net and find a good volleyball player. The winning team gets a reward and the losing side needs to do 10 push-ups. Teach your kids all the rules they need to follow. Whenever someone fumbles a shot they must walk around for 10 circles, do a funny dance or jog. Find funny “punishments” like these that will keep everyone entertained. 


In conclusion, there are many fun ways to keep your whole family on the feet and encourage them to stay physically active. Not only are you teaching your kids the importance of their health and mental health this way, but you’re also spending some quality time with the family.

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