How Explainer Videos Can Help People Understand Your Biz

In today’s world, having an online presence is more important than ever for businesses — and one key way to make sure you stand out from the competition is by creating explainer videos. It can be tough to devise creative ways to communicate your business in a simple, engaging format that resonates with potential customers. But explainer videos offer tons of advantages; they’re easy-to-follow visual aids that provide viewers with all the information they need in a short period while still being entertaining and memorable. Below are a few ways explainer videos help people learn about your business quickly and effectively.

1. They’re Entertaining

Explainer videos are a great way to explain, demonstrate and promote goods or services. They are much more enjoyable than simply reading a long document as explainer video production companies can provide a quick, interesting, and informative summary page. Not only do explainer videos help explain concepts in an easy-to-understand manner, but they’re also entertaining.


Forms of digital video content, such as explainer videos, offer visual aspects that capture attention and engage the viewers. As explainer video services bring these aspects together, viewers will become immersed in an explainer video that explains how your business works within sixty seconds or less.

2. They’re Easy to Digest

Explainer videotapes are incredibly helpful for introducing your business to the world. They get viewers quickly up-to-speed with your business’s who, what, where, and why while taking very little of their time or energy. An explainer video is especially useful for new or complex ideas as they take a difficult idea and break it down into simple language and visuals making them much easier for people to process and understand.


By presenting a few minutes worth of information in a compelling, professional manner using pictures and narration, you can ensure that those interested in your business have the necessary information to decide on what you offer – no confusion required!

3. They’re Shareable

Not only are they concise and focused, but they’re also highly shareable. Explainer videos can be shared across social media platforms for maximum impact among your target audience. They’re versatile in that you can personalize them according to the specific product or service you’re offering and customize the music and visuals for an attractive output.


With this, you can effectively introduce yourself to potential customers, luring them to understand your brand better. The increased viewership over time scales up overall visibility, engagement, and sales, aligning with your marketing goals more accurately.

4. They Build Trust

Not only do they provide a visual platform for clearly displaying information, but they also play a key role in building trust with viewers. These videos allow customers to see and hear what exactly your good or service is and gain insight into the why behind the message. When customers trust that your marketing material comes from a reliable source, they are more likely to invest their time and money into your business.

5. They Boost SEO

If you host your explainer video on your website, it can also help boost your SEO. That’s because Google prefers websites that feature video content, meaning you’ll be more likely to appear in search results if you have an explainer video on your site.

6. They Generate Leads

Explainer videos can also be used as a lead-generation tool. You can add a call-to-action at the end of your video that inspires viewers to sign up for your email list or download a free guide. By doing this, you’ll be able to capture leads and turn them into customers down the road.

7. They Improve Conversion Rates

Finally, because explainer videos are so effective at building trust and generating leads, they can also help improve your conversion rates. In other words, not only will more people be interested in what you have to offer after watching an explainer video, but they’ll also be more likely to take the next step and buy from you.


Even if you have the best product or service in the world, it won’t matter if no one knows about it or understands what it does. That’s where explainer videos come in! By breaking down complex concepts and engagingly presenting them, explainer videos can help people understand your business quickly and easily. They’re also great for SEO and can help boost your website’s ranking on search engines. If you’re looking for a way to take your business to the next level, consider investing in an explainer video.

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