How to Find Delta Airlines Flight Tickets at Cheaper Rates


Planning air travel and booking flight tickets for a vacation, family reunion or business trip is an exciting experience as well as costly affair too. The very idea of a getaway gives you a pleasant feeling, but as you start searching for plane tickets and start the booking process it might make you jittery with the thought that it’s going to be a drain on your wallet. You should however banish the thoughts of spending more on your tickets needlessly, when booking with America’s oldest airlines and one of top 3 legacy carriers Delta Airlines. You just need to check out the tips being provided here which will help you in saving money on Delta Airlines Flight Tickets.

Use the right OTA or websites

When you plan to buy airline tickets and start searching for best deals then it’s quite important for you spend time on the Internet to find the right fare comparison websites. If you don’t want to do the bookings yourself then you can contact the best online travel agency (OTA) like FlyOfinder and others authorized to sell Delta Airlines flight tickets. Alternatively, you also have the option to Delta customer service number to book flights with the airlines. You therefore have multiple options to make the right decision in getting cheap airfares whenever planning to fly with Delta Airlines.

Best Time for Booking Delta Airlines Flight Tickets

It is very important to understand that the timing of purchasing flight tickets is a quite crucial factor. It is only then you will get access to best deals when keeping this point in view. A common misconception (I would rather call this myth) amongst that air travelers is that booking flights well in advance will help you in getting the best discounts on airfare. This is however not true. The issue therefore arises as to when is the perfect time for booking Delta Airlines flights in order to make travel indeed cheaper. As such, according to Delta reservation agents you should aim for booking flights between 6 and 12 weeks before scheduled departure. This recommended booking window will be advantageous for you as Delta Airlines generally starts sale of flights that aren’t booked yet. Many travel experts also recommend that you should plan to buy Delta flight tickets at least 47 days before departure. This will help you bag cheapest flights that you are eagerly looking forward to.

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Book Flights with a Layover

If you are going to take one way flights then consider booking a layover. Though you will have to spend longer hours before finally reaching your destinations, but there are many advantages too. If you are travelling to a long-haul destination then a flight with layover might even provide you opportunity for sightseeing while simultaneously making your Delta flight tickets absolutely cheaper. If you however want to make such flights worthwhile then pack and travel light.

Cheapest Days to get Delta Flights

Do remember that if you have started searching for cheap airfares then it surely means that you are ready to take cheapest Delta flights no matter whichever day such flights are available. If you are adamant on flying out on Friday then be ready to spend more on your travel because of increased travel demand. Most people want to spend their weekends with family and kids and want to take flights on a Friday to reach home. It’s always better to avoid flying on Fridays unless there’s an emergency. In fact, you should rather thing about searching for cheap flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, which are one of the most popular travel days of the week to get low fares. These are surely the cheapest days to fly with Delta.

Fly at odd hours with Delta Red Eye Flights

To many air travelers this proposition may rather seem to be odd, but those who are budget conscious and fly frequently know the advantages of taking red eye flights. If you are planning to book red eye flights for the first time then you must know that such flights are best known for early morning arrivals and late-night departures. The red eye fights generally depart at late night after 9 to 10 pm and reach their destinations early morning by 5 to 6 am, and fly mostly to long-haul destinations. People who want to make significant savings on their travel while compromising with their sleep mostly prefer to take red eye flights. Delta Airlines became the world’s first airline to introduce red eye flights to its customers, especially business travelers. Booking Delta Airlines red eye flights will stand you in good stead as it will benefit you immensely. The benefits of buying red eye flight tickets with Delta Airlines are the following:

  • Red eye flights are quite cheaper than regular daytime flights
  • Red eye flights are pretty less tiring and exhausting, and generally silent
  • Red eye flights help the passengers easily connect to their morning flights
  • Red eye flights provide the passengers with a better sleeping experience
  • Red eye flights help in saving significant amount of travel time and save a whole day for taking a one way trip

Whether you are looking for a family getaway, want to go on a business trip, or a budget solo traveler, flying with Delta Airlines is highly affordable and comfortable experience. Take the advantage of these recommendations and see how enjoyable it is to make Delta flight tickets bookings without making a sizable dent in your travel budget.

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