How to Have a Fun Autumn Camping Trip

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than camping! From picking the perfect location to packing the right gear, this article will show you everything you need to know. 

So get ready for an autumn camping adventure that you’ll never forget!

1. Choose a Location

One of the most important things to do when planning an autumn camping trip is to choose a location. And with so many beautiful places to explore, this can be a tough decision! To help narrow things down, consider what kind of scenery you want to enjoy. Do you want to see leaves changing color? Camp near a lake or river? Or go for a more rustic experience in the woods? Once you’ve decided on a general location, it’s time to look for specific campgrounds.

Some websites and apps can help if you’re unsure where to start. Once you’ve found a few potential places to stay, it’s time to start narrowing things down. Consider whether the campground has showers and flush toilets, what kind of activities are nearby, and how easy it is to get there. 

You should also read online reviews to understand what other people have thought about the campground.

2. Pack the Right Gear

Packing for an autumn camping trip can be slightly different than packing for other seasons. First, you’ll need to ensure you have the right clothing to keep you warm. This includes items like long pants, sweatshirts, and jackets. You should also pack extra socks and shoes in case your feet get wet. And don’t forget about rain gear! Even if the forecast looks good, it’s always better to be prepared.

In addition to clothing, there are a few other things you’ll need to bring along. One is a sleeping bag that’s rated for cold weather. You’ll also want to bring along a tarp or tent footprint to help keep your tent dry. 

And last but not least, don’t forget to pack some fun games and activities to keep you entertained.

3. Consider Getting a Recreational Vehicle

Consider renting a recreational vehicle if you want to make your autumn camping trip memorable. This will give you all the comforts of home while still being able to enjoy the great outdoors. Just imagine being able to wake up each morning and step outside to see the beautiful fall foliage!

Of course, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind if you go this route. First, make sure you’re familiar with how to operate the RV. It would help if you also were prepared to do extra driving since RVs can be difficult to maneuver. And finally, pack everything you need, so you don’t have to make unnecessary stops along the way.

Try searching online or talking to friends and family to find RVs near you. For example, if you live in Wisconsin, you can search for RV dealers in Wisconsin to see what options you have.

4. Follow the Leave No Trace Principles

Following the Leave No Trace principles is important when you’re enjoying the great outdoors. This means leaving your campsite clean or cleaner than how you found it. That means packing out all of your trash, including food scraps and cigarette butts. 

You should also avoid washing dishes in natural water sources like lakes and rivers. If you need to wash them, do it far away from any natural water source.

5. Do Not Forget Cooking Gear

One of the best parts about camping is enjoying a delicious meal cooked over an open fire. But to do that, you’ll need to ensure you have the right cooking gear. This includes a camp stove, pots and pans, utensils, and dishes. You should also pack some non-perishable food items like canned goods and snacks.

If you need help deciding what to cook, plenty of resources are available online. And once you’ve decided what to make, be sure to pack all of the necessary ingredients. That way, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises in the woods.


Autumn camping can be a great way to enjoy the cooler weather and beautiful foliage. Just be sure to follow these tips to make sure you have a fun and safe trip. And don’t forget to pack all necessary gear, including clothing, games, and cooking equipment. 

All in all, you’re sure to have a memorable autumn camping trip with a little planning.

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