How to Improve Product Images for Getting Best E-commerce Result

Online shopping is a fascinating subject for shoppers. Whenever they would like to shop with a smartphone or computer, they feel interested. Because they need not go physical market, again they would not spend extra money on transport. Additionally, online shopping reduces mental pain due to staying at home.

Online shopping is also increasing rapidly. One of the major shortcomings of online sales is an unusual product showcase. Product image is the principal attraction for online shopping. Quality image is the first and foremost requirement for those e-commerce businesses. A perfect image is worth a thousand words. But, getting a quality image is quite tough due to its step by step work. But how can you get a quality image? Capturing the images in a proper way and post-production (post-production: background removal, clipping path, retouching, etc) activities are the key points of getting a powerful image.

With the quality post, online shoppers depend mostly on such photographs to boost their sales and attract customers. While the post works potentiality thus it allures the consumers fast. Paying an extra time and care to build an image, it showcases better, thus increases sales. However, by this writing, we’ll gradually represent the investment in getting the image quality that can give a successful result to the e-commerce business.

Five Tips to Improve your Ecommerce Product Photos


The primary tip for making a better e-commerce product image is to be consistent. Photos shot with the same background and from a different angle will create a more professional look for your online store. When you are going to post several images with the same theme for the e-commerce store, it may look like a part of the same class instead of different images picked from the internet. It’s surely useful to avoid uploading the product photo with a lot of different sizes and structures. However, the pixilated images never distract your customer to your store. Your latent destination is to get positive attention toward your e-commerce store.

Use White Background:

Most of the e-commerce business holders keep always in a white background but why? Many of the e-commerce sites recommend keeping a white background. The main cause behind it is straightforward. It can lessen the inessential distraction and disturbance that create a messy look. By using a white background, one can build up a consistency level that is why the shoppers become pleased while shopping.

The product images with a white background cut a brilliant result to the audience because they can realize the drawbacks of each part of a product image. Even, when they are making a zoom, the audience can understand the point easily and decide whatever they can purchase or not. A white background can produce a clean-cut professional finishing look as the consumers recognize your production house when they can observe the same category images of the product. On the other hand, some products catch customer attention when captured in a natural environment. You need to design it useable to the online by using background removal of Photoshop.

Build up a Strong Light Source:

Without proper lighting for e-commerce photography, all your investments go into dogs. A high-quality camera and lens are meaningless while absent of light. Product images reflect attractive while taking them in natural daylight. Surely, direct sunlight is also harmful to the photographs.

You cannot always take photos in natural light as it is fixed. If you are strategic, your artificial light could be according to the natural light. For that, you need to set up a strong light source that can produce enough light at any time for your product photography. Own house lighting is in various kinds. But, umbrella light settings and soft lightbox are popular for product photography. If you want to add an ideal attraction to the photos, you should add some props relevant to the product. It may gather the interaction to increase customers’ attention towards your product. When taking a product image with good lighting, it converts your image into a valuable product instead of a weak photo.

Show Different Angles:

Showing the different angles can be a witty presentation on the e-commerce market place. Due to the audience and different e-commerce recommendations, sometimes it is compulsory to take photos from different angles. For getting the best result, you should place the product in such an angle that can represent its shape and usage visualize clearly. Some photos are captured in specific angles that a single photo is enough to describe the entire purpose of the product. However, it makes an exceptional impression on shoppers and potentially develops your business.

Properly edit Your Images:

Photos significantly communicate with your audience online. You need to get out of the hidden meaning of the image. To fix the problem, you should deserve an expert one who is experienced in Photoshop or hiring them online. However, the major task of enhancing the images are clipping path, background removal, masking, and so on of an image. You need high-quality images to create your post apart from others.

Again, the only expert knows the actual meaning of color correction, website based sizing, matching background, and other things of any posting image. Surely, all shoots don’t come with perfect quality, but the expert knows how to bring the perfection of getting post useable image. However, if you can expect the amazing images into your website or for your e-commerce business, certainly you can deserve some expert to produce a quality image.

A Comprehensive Description of Product:

Before uploading your product images online, you need to arrange a detailed description of the product. As you run an e-commerce business with your verities product, you also need to take a backup detail about the product, its quality, including its uses, adding its usefulness, and many more completed a certain product description. Most of the customers are never interested to purchase the product although they are eye-catching anymore. Without paying the positive descriptions of the targeted product, shoppers would like the leave the cart normally.

So adding a potential point is a necessary part of the e-commerce business. It could be beneficial if you should also describe the size of the product you have to take a photograph. Online shoppers become interested to observe the product description so that they can make a final decision to purchase the product finally. So, you should write down the product description carefully so that shopper may quickly understand the size.


You won’t talk to your audience perfectly but your preferred image can strongly hit them to purchase it. So finding no other alternative way, you must share high-quality photos to make your business stand out. And this collaboration increase conversion rates, drive more sales of your e-commerce business.

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