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How to Repair Your Eyelashes

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Long, full lashes are something many people admire. They are mesmerizing and add beautiful fringe around the eyes. However, it’s easy to ruin your eyelashes in a number of ways, and most women abuse their lashes with heavy makeup, lash extensions, false eyelashes, tugging on them, or clamping down aggressively with a lash curler, etc. Also, some people just have difficulty growing their lashes long. Beauty experts are sharing their favorite tips on how to repair your eyelashes.

Fab Facts About Lashes

Every individual is unique even when it comes to their lashes, but on average, you lose about one to five hairs daily. Don’t worry, you’re always growing new eyelashes. Patience is encouraged since it takes about 12 weeks to regrow a lash after it falls out.

Meanwhile, your lashes are longest in the middle of your lash line, and you have more lashes on the upper lid, and they are fuller.

Everyone’s lashes grow in three cycles, including the anagen phase (active), the catagen phase (transitional), and the telogen phase (resting).

By the way, lashes are composed of two things, and they are water and keratin (natural protein).

Nightly Makeup Removal

This may sound obvious to many, but not every person is removing their makeup before going to sleep, and this one misstep can cause damage to your natural lashes. Cosmetics are fun to wear and especially effective in enhancing your eyes. It doesn’t matter if you’re only wearing eyeshadow or liner or a smidge of mascara. Dermatologists all advise washing your face and removing every bit of makeup.

By sleeping with eye makeup on, you are drying out the lashes and waking up to crusty remnants of cosmetics, which can cause brittleness and lash fallout.

A Light Touch

When removing makeup, applying cosmetics, or putting on eye skin care products, be careful how you approach the delicate skin in this region. A light touch is the way to go to avoid any tugging near the lash line.

Some products can irritate the lash line and cause itchiness, redness, and other issues. Always use a gentle touch when applying products to the eye area. Put on moisturizer by patting it lightly across the skin to the upper and bottom eye regions.

Curling Before Mascara

Mascara has to be one of the finest beauty inventions ever, and the eyelash curler goes hand in hand, but how you apply both products can play a role in lash maintenance. Professional makeup artists recommend using a quality eyelash curler before applying your mascara. The important reminder here is “before.”

Do not curl your lashes after because this can bend them and break them off and leave you with stubby lashes.

Conditioning Lash Serum

Gorgeous eyelashes mean that they are strong, full, and long, and you can attain the same enviable pair by adding this important step to your nightly beauty routine. Your lashes are like other parts of your face and body and need the proper nourishment.

One way to do this is by applying a high-quality conditioning treatment such as Babe Lash Essential Serum. Lash serums are simple to use and typically come in a tube with a brush-wand applicator. All you have to do is use a single brushstroke for each eye directly on the lash line on skin that is clean and dry for longer, healthier lashes in a matter of weeks. 

What could be easier?

Lash Tint Avoidance

It’s been trendy for some time now to have your eyelashes professionally tinted, but before you head for the spa, consider this: Powerful chemicals are involved when dyeing your natural lashes, and although the results can look glamorous and sexy, your lashes need a break.

Beauty pros only advise getting lash tinting for special occasions because this type of enhancement can eventually cause eyelash fallout leaving you with sparse lashes. This type of treatment creates a temporary look and may not be worth overdoing every month.


Long, full lashes are a feature most people admire, and you can grow and maintain them, too. Be gentle in your touch, and only use superb ingredients that offer natural, healthy support.


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