How to Start a Mac in Safe Mode

How can we start a Mac in Safe Mode?

You’re Mac “just works smoothly” most of the time. But are you being grappled with right now with the issue of how to start a Mac in safe mode? Is it performing slowly? Are the programs installed malfunctioning? Then for fixing these issues, you are required to start your Mac in safe mode.

Thanks to Apple’s efforts for optimal human-machine interaction, Mac systems usually do not freeze or fail. But there will be occasions when the Mac will slow down, refuse to start up, or display other unexpected signs due to a rogue program, an unruly service, obsolete caches, and other issues. If you face any of the problems mentioned above and have to figure them out?

Then using safe mode for Mac will save you.

The critical question comes to mind, is How to Start a Mac in safe mode? But don’t worry, because you are at the right spot, to get all the relevant information of a detailed process to start a Mac in safe mode.

What is the Safe mode of a Mac, and why do we need it?

Safe mode can be seen as upkeep of your Mac as it comes with eliminating temporary docs, inspecting startup drives, and dynamic loader distributed caches. Your Mac will get up to its original operating speed with these two tasks alone.

But the most significant advantage so far of the safe mode and secure booting is the capacity to sidetrack prospective problematic applications and build an atmosphere where these issues can be detected and resolved.

How to Start a Mac in safe mode? – A detailed procedure

In this section, you will get the exact steps that need to be performed to start a Mac in safe mode.

Do you know there are two types of Mac operating systems? Yes, you heard it right. One is Intel-based, and another one is with Apple Silicon. Let’s have a look at the steps that How to Start a Mac in safe mode in both types of MacOS.

Steps to start Safe Mode in Intel-based MacOS:

 ● On your Mac system, Select Apple Menu and then choose the shutdown option.

● Wait for 10 seconds, after your MacOS shut down.

● Now, restart your Mac, then instantly tap and hold the Shift key.

● When the login appears on the Mac screen, then you can release the shift key.

 The next section will answer your question: How to Start a Mac in a safe mode have apple silicon?

 Steps to start Safe Mode in macOS with Apple Silicon:

● On your Mac system, Select Apple Menu and then choose the shutdown option.

● When your Mac system shuts down, after that wait for 10 seconds.

● Tap and hold the power key till the screen does not display startup drives and options.

● Press and hold the shift button, and then press continue in Safe Mode.

How to exit from the Safe mode for Mac?

After starting safe mode on macOS, restoring the system is essential. And, for that, all you need to restart your Mac system generally without pressing any key by selecting the restart option from the Apple menu.

How to find out that Safe Mode for Mac is on?

It may be happening, that you may be in confusion whether it’s in safe mode or not? But, how to ensure that steps of the procedure of How to Start Safe mode in Mac are successfully executed or not?

Both the safe and regular modes display identical visual settings. However, when it comes to what they do, all the functions are executable in different ways. Even if you observe any of the below-listed characteristics, then you can conclude that your Mac is in safe mode.

 ● The discrepancy with the Mac display, such as flickering and tearing.

● A decline in the performance and speed efficiency of your Mac.

● Peripheral equipment such as a mouse and mic will not be going to function well.

● Lack of transparency effects due to the disabled extension of the Quartz Extreme mechanism.

● Incompetency while connecting with a Wi-fi network.

● It may be possible that the installed DVD player application of your system is not playing movies.

● Media applications such as iMovie do not function.

There are also slight visual variations, and now we’ll be looking at them. When your system is in safe mode, you will see ‘Safe Boot’ in the login screen menu of your Mac.

Moreover, there is another way to be aware of the state of your Mac to go to the Apple Menu to search the About portion of this Mac. Then, you will find the Overview key, which will take you to the Report of the system. Afterwards, Go to Software and there you can discover Boot Mode, which shows safe or Usual mode. And, if you’re in safe mode, then it will show Safe. Safe mode for Mac can be a constrained environment. But it’s not the standard user interface. It is there to assist and help to identify and fix up the issues of applications plaguing your Mac.

Safe mode for Mac can seem to be quite restrictive. But, its limitations have their performance strengths. Your Mac system uses Safe mode to circumvent flaws such as inappropriate startups and problems of installed software that begin as soon as you boot your Mac. We hope that this entire detailed write up will help you from tackling the issues like How to start a Mac in safe mode, how to take an exit from it, and most importantly how to check whether Mac is in safe mode or not.

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