Valentine Rose Day Gifts

In The Mood To Celebrate Rose Day? Know The History And The Importance!

February 7th is celebrated as International Rose Day. It is a day that is symbolic of love and romance. Rose Day is the first day of the Valentine’s week that is celebrates in all grandeur. Lovers all round the globe celebrate this day by gifting roses to their beloved and expressing the unspoken words of their hearts to put it precisely. So, if you are in the mood to celebrate Rose Day this year. It would be nice to brush up on the importance and the history, isn’t it? Read on to know more… In the present times, one can explore scintillating range of Valentine week gifts online, including that of Rose Day gifts. On this special day, roses are most in demand as you can understand. Lovers gift each other roses to celebrate this special day in the endeavour to celebrate love. It is believe that the Victorian people had begun this tradition of gifting roses to the lovers. This ritual dates back to the Victorian times when the people had started the practice of gifting roses to their loved ones, To express feelings of love, admiration and romance. On Rose Day, it need not be only red roses that needs to be a gifts. One can select any colour rose to gift their loved ones. Every colour of the rose signifies a different message to put it precisely. Rose Day is also celebrates by many by planting a rose plant or even buying jewellery in rose gold.

History Of Rose Day

Little is known about the exact history of the evolution of the celebration of Rose Day to be precise. There are different historical records and documentations that highlight upon different stories, beliefs and myths for the matter. However, as mentioned before, it is strongly believes that the Victorians are responsible to begin the ritual of gifting roses to the loved ones conveying the message of love. It is interesting to brush up the points about the red rose being regards as the flower of romance and love. The cultivation of roses started about 5000 years ago in China. But cultivation soon started in Greece and Rome. It is believed that roses were regarded as luxurious plants that distribute among rich people to give it to the artists in an endeavor to inspire them. Soo, roses made an entry into the field of medicine. Roses went from being a symbol of love, peace and hope to a symbol of war. It was in the 15th century England that roses were use to represent the army. Although the roses have a history of bloodshed being associated with them, it is celebrates as plant of love worldwide. A popular story states that the letters ‘’Rose’’ is the same as that of ‘’Eros’’, the Greek God of love. Therefore, roses have a special connection with love and it kickstarts the Valentine’s week in a royal manner with Rose Day gifts online!

Importance Of Rose Day

It is the first day of Valentine’s week when lovers exchange Rose Day gifts that express love in an extraordinary manner. There is a distinctive range of gifts online that have been brought forth for the occasion. In contemporary times when one is hardly left with any time to pamper their loved ones. Rose Day is the ideal day to celebrate relations. In spite of love relationships, celebrate all your loved ones by gifting a rose in the endeavour, To make all things beautiful for them. While some gift a rose, there are others who plant a rose on this day. There is another set of people who treat themselves to something that is rose flavor. Rose flavored delicacies are quite popular and include ice creams, drinks, desserts etc. So, you can get starts with the Rose Day plans for the perfect celebrations. Roses are still use as the best flowers to convey your deepest emotions. The rose is consideres the international symbol of love. So, no matter in which part of the world you are in, don’t forget to gift roses to your loved ones to celebrate roses, Rose Day and most importantly, love in abundance!

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