Integral Curriculum Features Of The Best Preschools In Noida

Pre-schools being the stepping stones for a child’s educational foundation, it serves as the basis for all future learning and prepare them for an advanced school curriculum. The best preschools in Noida and throughout India are dedicated to providing the proper foundation for your child’s education and development, from learning the alphabet to developing social, cognitive and motor skills.

Therefore, the curriculum is methodically structured in the best schools in Noida extension,  based on learning theories and pedagogies. For example, teachers have adopted highly didactic techniques of guiding them according to a child’s behavior.

Why is it important to have a good curriculum?

The content of what is taught and learned over some time is referred to as the curriculum.

The curricular pattern in Preschool is designed to assist –

  • learning processes (such as attention, observation, and memory),
  • cognitive skills (such as reasoning, comparing and contrasting, and categorizing), and
  • the acquisition of specific content (e.g., the names of numbers and letters of the alphabet).

What are the Integral Curriculum Features of Preschools?

According to the definition, an integrated curriculum combines many areas of study by cutting over subject-matter barriers and emphasizing universal concepts. Student integration focuses on creating connections for them, allowing them to engage in relevant, meaningful activities applicable to real-world problems.

The practical and experiential learning components of combine curriculum are more accessible by the service-learning part. In terms of knowledge, resources, and time, the curriculum aids students in becoming lifelong learners while also ensuring that creativity and excitement are throughout.

An Integrated Curriculum has the following characteristics:

  • Students have experiences that help them improve their attitudes, talents, and knowledge and help them make connections throughout the curriculum.
  • It is encouraging to engage in activities that appeal to a broad range of abilities.
  • Activities undertaken are the ones that the teacher initiates and directs, as well as controlled by the child
  • It’s possible to have individual, small-group, or whole-class experiences.
  • There are several possibilities for critical and creative thinking.
  • A teacher’s, a peer’s, and one’s assessment
  • Many different methods are using to deliver experience learning as a whole.

The best preschools in Noida adhere to the constructivist child development philosophy that emphasizes children as active participants in their socio-cultural environment, including their teachers and classmates.

Integrated curriculums and what they look like in learning and teaching have been the subject of many studies. As a consequence of this research, three separate combine curricular paradigms develop, featuring overlapping components and lining up with each other. The following are some examples:

  • Multidisciplinary integration-

This strategy brings a range of things together around a primary theme. It mainly focuses on the disciplines. Teachers use this method to include skills, knowledge, and even attitudes into the traditional school curriculum.

  • Interdisciplinary integration-

Teachers use this strategy of curricular integration to organize the curriculum around common learnings that occur across all topics and disciplines. They piece together the common understandings instilled in the numerous fields to emphasize transdisciplinary talents and concepts.

  • Transdisciplinary Integration-

Teachers use a transdisciplinary approach to integrate the curriculum around the challenges and concerns of their pupils. Students learn life skills by using transdisciplinary and disciplinary talents to address challenges in real-world circumstances.


Curriculum, or the content of what children learn, is crucial to supporting and reinforcing young children’s learning and development since it is the “front line” of their experiences.

Preschoolers in the best preschool in Noida. may pursue learning more thoroughly with an integrated curriculum since subject boundaries do not restrict them. Because Early childhood programs focus on the interconnection of all curricular areas to aid children in acquiring key learning capabilities. With this, you can pick the

However, the curriculum is crucial not only for the knowledge and skills that children learn but also for the application of particular pedagogical strategies and the nature of teacher-child interactions. As the number of children participating in early care and education programs increases, importance place on school readiness.

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