Lonavala – Popular Among Hill Stations

Lonavala is a mountain station located in the Pune district of Maharashtra. The mountain station is 64 km from Pune. It is 96 km from Mumbai. Mountain stations all over India are famous for the chicks they produce. Lonavala is one of the main stations when traveling by train from Mumbai and Pune. People living in Mumbai can easily be reached by local trains to Karat and then to Lonavala. It is the most popular destination for the Mumbaikar family after a weekend getaway. The best time to visit Lonavala is during the monsoon. The place becomes lush green as puddles and sources of ecstasy fill up with water. Lonavala has many attractions and exotic hill stations. Before you plan a visit to Lonavala, you need to get a detailed map so as not to miss any of the sights of this hill station.

The hill station is easily accessible by road, rail and air. This place is one of the main tourist attractions in India. During the monsoon season, this place is crowded with tourists. Lonavala offers unusual attractions and the views of the mountain station are breathtaking. Here are some of the main attractions:

Ray Wood Park is located close to Lonavala Station. It is located near the city, just a kilometer from the city. This place is still on the first agenda for most tourists visiting Lonavala. The main attraction of this park is the tall and huge trees that bloom during the season. This place is also one of Lonavala’s main attractions for making several films.

Bushi Dam – August is a good time to visit this place. This is the time when the dam sinks and the view is worth seeing. The flowing water looks like a small waterfall. The experience of seeing the dam is amazing. Countless amazing facts will surprise you during Bushi dam visit.

Gambhirnath Caves – this is a very interesting place to visit. The area of ​​these caves is located between Tharkarwadi and Monkey Hill, while one originates in Mumbai. The caves are natural, and hiking enthusiasts can easily climb the narrow path. It is an adventurous experience for tourists.

Another place worth seeing in Lonavala is the Tiger Leap. This place is better known as Vaagdari or rather Echo Point. Tiger Leap and Hawthorn are close together and tourists are now gathering to visit them.

Hawthorn is also known as the duke’s nose. This place is for those who like to explore things. Mahadevi Temple is located in Hawthorne. Mount Everest or Kalsubai in Maharashtra can be easily seen from Hawthorn unless it rains.

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