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Long-distance relocation to a new location

The process of moving can take place in different ways. However, for this to happen in the best possible way, it is important to consider a few factors. On the one hand, the price for the moving company plays an important role. In addition, all required services must be able to be carried out. Ultimately and

it is important to be able to cover all tasks that arise. Thus, a certain amount of planning and management is required.

First of all, it is important to get the right total package of benefits. Many service providers who deal with long-distance moves, e.g.employ, for example, also offer a kind of packaging service. The service provider not only takes care of the logistics of the move, but also packs all the necessary things. This has the great advantage that faster and more professional work can be expected and therefore a lot of effort can be saved.

If the current or future home is located in a location that is difficult to reach, additional costs may apply. These costs result from the increased effort involved in transporting the various pieces of furniture and boxes to the destination and vary greatly depending on the service provider. Moving companies usually design the type of calculation for additional services very differently, which is why as many offers as possible should be obtained before deciding on a service provider.

The situation is similar with objects that are particularly difficult to transport. As a rule, movers are able to move almost anything within an ordinary apartment, but some items pose a special challenge. For this reason, an additional fee is usually due. All these details combined ensure a wide spectrum when it comes to the price of a long-distance move.

Under certain circumstances, however, a possible cancellation should also be considered. In exceptional situations, the scheduled appointment may not be kept, so that the service provider cannot do his work. In this case, there are also costs that have to be covered. Here, too, there is a wide range of ways to deal with such a situation. Based on the personal situation and the existing circumstances, a company should be chosen that does not incur excessive costs. In this way, better calculations can be made and there is either better protection or some money can be saved if the deadline can be safely met.

In the case of a long-distance move, choosing the right service provider for the task is primarily responsible for its success. Of course, family, friends or acquaintances can also be used when moving, but this is usually not an option, especially for individuals, and should therefore only be considered in very specific situations.

Long-distance move – what to considerLong-distance move within a region with a local moving company

If you want to move to another city within a region, you can get moving quotes from local moving companies. Six to eight weeks before the long-distance move, you should contact the moving company to arrange your wishes and an appointment to visit the site. The moving company will then make you an offer for your move. The activities of the local moving companies are particularly concentrated in the relevant region. This can prove to be a disadvantage if you want to move far away. Often the far away cities are not part of the mover’s routes. Find out in advance whether the removal company operates in the relevant region.

Long-distance move to another federal state

Long-distance relocation is something completely different, especially when it comes to moving from Hamburg to Munich. You should consider the following points when moving long-distance:

  • Let us give you several moving offers, here we are happy to recommend our moving price .
  • Request estimates. So you can plan your budget better.
  • First, look for moving companies in your area because you’ll have a better chance of checking them out.
  • Read moving reviews from real clients of this company.
  • Is the mover licensed or a member of the Furniture Association?

Hidden costs of a long-distance move

Everyone wants a cheap move and, of course, expert service. You should consider the following to save costs.

  • Let us give you a cost estimate, which is non-binding, but a good first orientation.
  • For a concrete offer you should arrange a viewing appointment. This is the only way for the moving staff to more accurately assess your need for moving boxes, moving vans and moving helpers.
  • Request a fixed price after you have received a concrete move offer from the moving company for your long-distance move. With a fixed price, you minimize the risk that the moving costs will end up being unexpectedly high.
  • Pay attention to the additional service packaging service: the packaging work and the packaging materials usually have to be included in the final cost of the offer prepared for you, which is not always the case. To avoid unexpected unpleasant surprises, you should carefully read your contract. Alternatively, it is a good idea to get your own moving boxes, and ideally pack everything for the long-distance train yourself.
  • Think about the extra costs for bulky items. Similar to excess baggage when flying, additional costs can arise if furniture is overweight. Important here is a good assessment of the moving company during the inspection. If you later want to add more furniture to the transport, you should inform the moving company about this.
  • More costs for helpers or for the moving time could arise if you cannot find a parking space near your apartment. It is advisable to register a parking ban for your long-distance move in good time. And don’t try to set up a holding zone yourself, it can be very expensive if the public order office catches you doing it.
  • As with the cancellation of hotel rooms, there are also cancellation fees and notice periods for moving companies if, for example, you have already agreed but then decided on another company. The same applies to changing the moving date and Office Removals Find out about your moving company’s cancellation fees and plan wisely.We wish you all the best with your long-distance move and it is best to get 5 moving offers from our moving price comparison.

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